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How to Create An Online Course to Market and Sell

If you’re reading this chances are you have been presented with an offer to purchase an online course. The first time you discover the world of online courses it almost seems like it’s a “make sense” way of learning that you can’t believe it took you so long to discover. From that point, it feels like everyone and their brother has an online course.

This video demonstrating how to create an online course is a very basic, yet detailed, demonstration of how to create an online course. Using the very core concept outline I developed the Online Platform Launch Course which is my fourth course and in 2016 generated $25,000 in sales for my business.

How to Start a Website with a Splash Page

If you’ve been working for months getting your website ready to launch, it’s time to consider a new strategy.

In this article you will discover how to launch a website with what is known in the web industry as a “splash page,” and in less than a week have your site live, ready for visitors.

You can finally get your business and brand online, providing an instant resource for your ideal clients who are searching for you RIGHT NOW.

Entrepreneurs Pursuing Goals vs Shiny Objects

When you don’t have a goal you are aiming for in your online business shiny objects will win.


Because they don’t have any competition.

Without goals you’ll get a good idea, and pursue that idea and leave that idea.

You’ll have another good idea, pursue that idea and leave that idea.

And yet another good idea, you’ll pursue that idea and then leave that idea.

Goals keep you focused on pursuing the right ideas vs good ideas.

A Breakthrough Strategy for Writing Sales Page Copy

You’re probably not a professional copywriter and the thought of writing sales copy haunts you. I write copy for a living and the sales page, in particular, is always the toughest copy for me to write. The moment that I stumbled upon a new approach, I documented it. Now, I share with you a breakthrough method for writing sales online pages that anyone can implement at any time.

How to Use Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most perplexing social media networks for those who have never used it. For those who use it everyday, it is beloved and irreplaceable – nice try Instagram. If you’re ready to give Snapchat a go (again) and want this try to be different than all the others, you’re ready to read this perfectly understandable and down-to-earth guide for how to use Snapchat.

Why You Should Delete Nearly Every Social Media Profile

Mark Shaw deleted a Periscope account with tens of thousands of followers and nearly every social media profile. What would compel a man with such a huge following across all social media to delete each account and lose contact with potentially hundreds of thousands of followers?

In this conversation with Mark Shaw, we talk about what led him to this decision, what has happened as a result and what he is doing, moving forward, to continue to utilize social media for is business and his growing network.

Social Media for Business – 3 Must-Use Criteria for Choosing Your Networks

Social media for business is tricky and you don’t have the luxury of showing up whenever you feel like it – like you do with your personal social media. You must choose networks that make the most sense for your business so you can maximize your time on social media and do the most for your business. Knowing which networks those are is the most challenging part.

In this article you will discover 3 must-use criteria when deciding on which social media networks you will use for your business as well as an exercise to help you make the right choice for where you are today.