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Dave Shrein

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Creating Your Online Business

Have you heard of ‘incidental success’ in online business? Probably not. This is the term that I’ve coined to describe any success generating revenue online that just ‘kinda happened’ without any type of plan.

Incidental success is great and it’s very common during the early stages of many online businesses. Why? Because the people around you want to see you succeed. The network built over time immediately rallies around the new venture and the revenue just starts coming in.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to use their unique gifting to create life-changing income and in the early days of many online businesses, that hopes looks like it could become a reality.

But then the business owner encounters a problem.

And maybe you’ve encountered this problem, too.

When the revenue from the network begins to run dry, how do you continue to grow the business and produce revenue?

In other words, how do you get your new business in front of people who have never heard of you but desperately need your products and services to help them create a more preferred tomorrow?

This is where you trade in the ‘incidental success’ model for a real marketing playbook.

Would you be interested in knowing exactly where to find your next collection of buyers, how to attract them to your brand, and then have a plan for closing the sale?

Of course you would!

I work with business owners just like you, helping them navigate the journey of online business to create an online marketing plan that attracts attention, builds trust, and converts sales.

If you have a proven product sold online, you’re passionate about your industry, and you’re knowledgeable about your industry, I’d love to work with you, too!

My Companies, Projects, and Brands

A collection of my work in online marketing / content marketing arenas. 

We Market. You Grow. The Blocks Agency.

The Blocks Agency

We create and run annual promotional campaigns for online businesses. We call this our 12 Month Marketing Playbook and we’d love to use this proven process to grow your business!

Campaign Donut

Campaign Donut

Creating digital marketing campaigns takes a lot of work! Campaign Donut makes it easy… create, collaborate, and clone your most successful campaigns all in one app!

Unleashed Summit

A one-day virtual event for individuals tasked with marketing products and services in the online world. If you sell online, this event will help you get results and achieve sales goals.

The Donut Shop Podcast

The Donut Shop Podcast

All of our online marketing conversations take place at The Donut Shop… and you’re invited to come hang out! Maximize your marketing and elevate your income with Dave & Charissa.