Soundcloud for Online Entrepreneurs

Everything you do is content. Everything you create is primed to be transformed and consumed on multiple platforms in multiple forms and for multiple audiences. For instance, when you broadcast a live stream you are creating the following:

  • A live stream video (duh)
  • A replay for later viewers
  • A video you can embed on your website (some platforms)
  • A monologue you can pull quotes from for Tweets
  • Quotes turned into word art using Canva or Spark
  • Video excerpts
  • Blog posts that articulate your thoughts in written form
  • A soundtrack that can be uploaded as a podcast

It’s that last item, a soundtrack, that we are going to focus the remainder of this blog post around.

SoundCloud for Entrepreneurs

SoundCloud is not a new platform and if you’re unfamiliar with it, essentially it is an audio sharing website. The capabilities of the platform are extensive but at it’s core it allows you to take any audio file you own the copyrights to, upload it to the SoundCloud server and make your new track available on the SoundCloud social network ecosystem. They also provide tools for sharing and embedding your track elsewhere on the internet.

For the online entrepreneur, the most obvious use could be sharing interviews or keynote recordings. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs forget SoundCloud because they primarily associate interviews, keynotes and pretty much any audio content with podcasting.

Is there a place for Soundcloud in the life of the content creating entrepreneur?


One Example How Online Entrepreneurs Can Use Soundcloud Right Now

Let’s say you are regularly using Periscope or Facebook Live. It’s a no brainer to download the video file and upload it to YouTube (edited or unedited, that’s your call). Below is a Facebook Live video I created only moments before writing this post.

If you want to start using audio in your business… I have a sweet idea and tool that will help you launch your audio!

Posted by David M Shrein on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Obviously embedding this video on my site is a no-brainer. Embedding the video is where your online entrepreneur peers will stop. Not you. You’re going to go further and get more traction out of this video and provide more value to your audience.

Download the video to your phone and upload it to your computer. Open the video file using whatever tool you use for editing video, I use Final Cut Pro X. Rather than exporting the video and audio together, just export an audio file. If you want to add a little intro to it, that’s fine, but do not let not having an intro stop you from creating content right now.

Once that audio file is exported, go to SoundCloud, create an account if you don’t have one and upload that audio file to SoundCloud.

Grab your embed code and paste it into a new blog post, like this one.

When you’ve completed those steps above, you have taken what was a single live stream video and transformed it into a new piece of content that can be shared.

Which content will you turn into audio files and which content will you just leave as a video file, that’s your call. Bottom line, don’t ever allow yourself to complain about not having enough content – everything you do every day is content and chances are you have a lot you can get out of the content you already have.