Sharing Success With Your Team

REUTERS/Mike Segar

REUTERS/Mike Segar

Our Social Media Communications Team just concluded a successful social media campaign. We invited our church members and the surrounding community to participate in upcoming personal growth workshops. These workshops provide the opportunity to become intentional in key areas of one’s life. For many they are an on-ramp into something other than a Sunday morning experience.

The team put in many hours over two weeks to brainstorming, creating, curating and executing all our assigned tasks. It was a lot of dialogue and a lot of hard work. Two days before the workshop kickoff we finalized the remaining posts and scheduled them into our queue.

Victory Belongs to the Team

Leaders must celebrate these wins with their teams. Your volunteers or paid staff crave the acknowledgement that their contributions are changing the world. They want to know they have made an impact. If you are not celebrating wins with your volunteers, you are not leading well.

To celebrate this victory with my team I took screen shots of our Facebook insights for the two week period that we ran this campaign and shared those stats with my team members. Here is my exact message to them:

Ya’ll are awesome. This initiative was a huge success because of our team. Know that you are valued and know that your work has made a difference! Check out the stats below. For such a massive amount of copy, I think that we’ve done a great job of raising awareness in a way that tells the story.

My volunteers are incredible and they need to hear that from me, their leader. It only took me 60 seconds to write those comments and attach those images, but I meant every word and I know my team appreciates it.


What I’m Asking of You

Use the comment section below to quickly share what prevents leaders from sharing wins with their team? Why is something so accessible and simple yet so hard to actually follow through with? How do you appreciate your team and celebrate wins?