How to Make Email Your Most Powerful Communication Tool

Rethink your approach to email for organization communication. This training will transform your entire strategy.

“Our people get too many emails.” This is often the reason why we drastically scale back the number of emails we send to our entire organization. Most organizations are guilty of sending massive amounts of useless email campaigns and perhaps you’ve felt the same way about your organization.

Useless can mean so many different things. It could mean that the email is poorly written and incoherent. It could mean that the content is good but has no value to the recipient. It could mean that the content is written well and has a point but doesn’t lead to anything outside of being a nice thought.

In this training we will rethink our email communication strategy. We will cover how to get people to sign up to receive your emails, how to use email activity to strategically send future emails, how your organization database can work in harmony with your email newsletter, how to maximize open rates and click through rates, overall email campaign best practices and much, much more

Format: Live Webinar Recording
Run Time
: Approximately 90 minutes
Files Types: mp4, mp3