How Communicators Should Deal with Resistance

Church communicators deal with a fair share of rejection and resistance. We are simply trying to do our jobs yet it often seems like we are always fighting some sort of battle.

When your responsibility is managing the communication outlets for an organization everyone will have an opinion on how you should do your job. When it comes from the bottom up it’s resistance. When it comes from the top down it’s rejection.

So how should communicators deal with resistance, rejection or being told no?

In this training video you will discover that the best way to deal with being told no is to prepare for it before it happens. Like so many things in life, it’s a mental game and having the right mentality will not only help you deal with “no” but it will also help you minimize “no” over the long haul.

Format: Live Webinar Recording
Run Time: Approximately 80 minutes
File Types: mp4, mp3