How to Create An Online Course to Market and Sell

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If you’re reading this chances are you have been presented with an offer to purchase an online course. The first time you discover the world of online courses it almost seems like it’s a “make sense” way of learning that you can’t believe it took you so long to discover. From that point, it feels like everyone and their brother has an online course.

This video demonstrating how to create an online course is a very basic, yet detailed, demonstration of how to create an online course. Using the very core concept outline I developed the Online Platform Launch Course which is my fourth course and in 2016 generated $25,000 in sales for my business.

Avoiding A Case of the Mondays

Call center with desks and computers

Remember that scene from Office Space? “Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays”. I can’t forget it. When you’re working for someone else, Mondays can feel like a return to making someone else’s dream happen. When you’re working for yourself Mondays are days you can’t wait to get to… or at least they […]

Creating Your First Product to Sell Online

Create your first digital product

You’ve wondered the entire time, “how am I going to monetize my blog?” and haven’t had a good answer. You tried AdSense. You tried selling ads. You tried affiliate links. Maybe you made a few hundred dollars one year but that is no where near enough to justify the amount of time you’ve been putting in to building your platform.

So you decide, “I need to create a product.” The next question: “what should my product be?”

Getting Started with Email Marketing

You are ready to launch an email list and the only problem you’re running into is which email service provider to use. It’s frustrating when you have the motivation to launch and you feel paralyzed because you don’t want to make the wrong decision.

Let’s discuss, very quickly, exactly how to get your start with email marketing – no frustration, no delays and no regrets!

Increasing Your Social Media Following Using Sure Shot Value

How Entrepreneur's Can Create Value in Social Media

You do everything right but you can’t seem to crack the social media cookie. Social should be driving traffic to your website and you should be seeing content shared and your following increase. You need to discover how to deliver sure shot value through social media and when you do you will see your website traffic explode.

How to Focus On Your Day Job While Pursuing Your Dream Job

Starting a Business while Working a 9-5 Job

You spend several hours working on some freelance or side business work and when you look at the clock you realize you need to pack it up and make your way to your day job.

Discovering how to keep from dreaming about your passion so you can focus on your day job is a skill that many entrepreneurs need to learn in order to maximize their efforts in both.

The Reason Why You Are Stuck

Why you are stuck launching your online business and how to get unstuck

Entrepreneurs should be applauded to taking risks, trying new things, making sacrifices and putting it all on the line. The problem we run into is when we try to do all of that on our own and find ourselves becoming stuck… we’ll spend hours moving and at the end of all that movement we have no momentum. Efforts outpace results.

Just Ask For Help

Help for Entrepreneurs only comes when the entrepreneur is willing to ask for help

We are subject to failure and criticism unlike typical 9-5 workers because we are putting much more of who we are on the line. As a result we are knocked down over and over again. Whether by our own conscience or by others, we are knocked down.

Getting knocked down leads to inaction and inaction leads to the sensation of feeling stuck – no matter what you do you can’t or don’t move forward.