Selling a Product That Has Changed Your Life

You’ll post a picture of your family and immediately have 15 likes within 30 seconds. An hour later you’re at over 60 likes and a few comments. Follow that up with a picture of your latest greatest product that helped you accomplish a goal and… nothing.

For Those Who Compare Themselves to Others

Comparison is a part of life. We use the mechanism of comparing ourselves with others to help us find our place in the world but it’s a method that is built on a false premise. While you know your story, how you got to where you are, you do not know the story of others and you’ll never be able to adequately measure your success when it’s using the stick of someone else’s success.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Realize their Dream

Entrepreneurs need a number of things to help them succeed: determination, the ability to learn and a dream to follow. While each of these are important, I believe that the most important thing entrepreneurs need to succeed is someone in their corner, cheering them on. An unfortunate reality of being an entrepreneur is that once […]

Three Essential Tips For Entrepreneurs On Starting With Periscope

Three Tips for Entrepreneurs launching on live streaming

You may feel intimidated by the thought of live broadcasting on Periscope. You’ve enjoyed watching others but the idea of having your face on the screen for all to see is a bit much. Fortunately, there are three tips that, if followed, will help generate the confidence you need to launch a successful stream and give you a taste of what Periscope success feels like.

What You Need to Know About Your Customers | Episode 014

Serving your Customers, Online Marketing

It’s natural to get excited about your business, your products, your passion – but you must remember that if your business is going to grow, it is not about you. Everything is about your customers. Young entrepreneurs often get caught up in the excitement of doing something they’ve always dreamed of and in this episode of #dactalk we discuss remembering the human element of online business.

Your First 90 Days After Going Pro | Episode 013

You dream and dream of that day when your side business starts generating enough income for you to leave your 9-5 and work full time on your dream. What you may not necessarily think about is what to expect when that happens. In this episode of #dactalk you’ll hear from two entrepreneurs their experience from turning pro!

How to Become an Authority In Your Work

Those of us who are building a platform in order to gain influence in a particular niche the one thing that we need in the minds of our potential readers, clients, bosses, etc., is authority. When you are viewed as an authority your words are authoritative, however, you must use your words to gain authority as well.

There is a simple mental shift that you can make on a daily basis which will give you the ability to gain influence using words as well as speak with authority.

Mondays Suck but They’re Not About You

You probably have good reason for hating Mondays. Many people do. However, could our attitude on Monday reveal more about our character and our outlook on life than we give it credit for? What would it look like if you altered your perspective of why you work and why you are getting up and starting a new week every Monday.

This Periscope video may be exactly the kick in the pants you need to be fired up for Mondays.