How Entrepreneur's Can Create Value in Social Media

Dave Shrein


Increasing Your Social Media Following Using Sure Shot Value

You look at the computer screen and you’re frustrated. You don’t understand why, after building your website, creating great content, designing a really sharp looking graphic and linking to your content on the various social media networks, no one is liking, commenting, sharing or visiting your website. You’re not adding followers and at this point you’re hoping you won’t begin to see followers leaving. If you don’t change you will lose followers and more devastatingly, you will lose your passion for what you’re doing and give up.

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This feeling sucks and the worst part is you really have no idea what you’re doing wrong. When you don’t know what you’re doing wrong it’s impossible to correct.

What the Social Media Coach Would Tell You

Coach is a popular term right now and it seems like there is someone offering to “coach you” everywhere. Get over the buzz. Coaching is what will get your best content and the most powerful results from your work.

If you and I were to sit down and take time to coach you through improving your social media presence we would start with the concept of value.

The problem with value is it is subjective. There are billions of people on social media and there are even more profiles/accounts vying for attention. The good thing is there are mad crazy amounts of people looking for you. The bad thing is they’re not able to see the value in what you’re creating.

This Is the Most Valuable Content I Have and I’m Giving It Away for Free

The thing that doesn’t make sense, on top of everything, is that you’re sharing amazing value. You’re sharing your best content. You’re sharing the best things you’ve learned. So why the silence?

Many people in your position fail to learn and apply the most important truth about value: Value is never determined by the communicator. Value is always determined by the audience.

How to Market Value

You see the value of your content but have failed to communicate the value to others. They’re not responding because they have more important things to care about. In The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Checklist I offer one coaching tip that you must answer before every post you publish: “Does my content add value or noise to the feed of my followers?”

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Simply asking yourself that question before publishing any post will prevent you from sharing content that is you-centric and force you to reshape the post to be audience-centric. Let’s look at two different posts as an illustration.

Here’s a great article I wrote on how to get out of debt. Let me know what you think.

You’re embarrassed by your debt. You’re afraid to tell anyone. One person who knows how you feel and overcame $60,000 in debt in 5 years.

There is a lot that we could say about the two different posts but the one thing we would agree on – one gives more value than another and both say the same thine.

The Question to Ask EVERY TIME You Click Publish

The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Checklist includes 18 mental shifts that will result in more clicks, likes, comments, shares, leads and sales on social media. If the list had to be condensed into only one mental shift that would have the greatest amount of influence it would be the value question. “Does my content add value or noise to the feed of my followers?”

Download the guide. Keep it in front of you when you’re creating content. Commit the question to memory and it will result in you being the person in your follower’s feed that delivers sure shot value because you’re never going to click publish if you ever answer “no” to the question, again, “Does my content add value or noise to the feed of my followers?”

How Entrepreneur's Can Create Value in Social Media

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