Avoiding A Case of the Monday’s


There was a stretch of several years when all I wanted to do was make it to Friday. Week in and week out it was all about getting to Friday to enjoy freedom from work. The weekend would inevitably come and go and Sunday night I would be faced with the reality that Monday was only hours away. When I saw Office Space for the first time and heard “oh, looks like somebody has a case of the Monday’s” it hit home and I felt stupid cause I was just like these characters who were wasting their lives.

Years later I have come to appreciate the rest each weekend offers. Not because it saves me from the previous week but it prepares me for the coming week. As leaders, we must reflect on past days, weeks and months but we cannot let the past dictate the future. Those who follow us need a clear vision of the future and we cannot afford to have a “case of the Monday’s” because there are to many relying on us for direction.

Take 10 Minutes to Prepare for Monday

As your Sunday night comes to a close and your Monday is fast approaching here are some considerations to help you prepare for the coming week.

  1. “Who is counting on my leadership this week? Who is depending on me being at my best? Who can I not afford to let down?”
  2. “What can I learn from my previous week? How can I apply that new wisdom to positively affect this week.”
  3. “Are there any upcoming events I can look forward to for refreshment and rest? How can I use the anticipation as inspiration to be strong this week?”
  4. “Is there someone I personally know who demonstrates the kind of leadership in this area that I want to make my own?”

Though we don’t necessarily use the language that I’ve shared above, my wife and I frequently go over the topics the language represents. We lean on one another for strength and encouragement and help making it through especially difficult seasons of life. Having open and honest conversation with those you closely do life with will be very freeing.

Bootstraps Will Fail

If we employ tactics that forsake any reliance upon the life of Jesus we are doing nothing more than pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and that gets tiring. Jesus demonstrates  through his life on earth a perfect balance of pouring himself out for others, yet, also taking time to recharge and spend time alone with the disciples. Spend time in the Gospel of John as you prepare for Monday and allow the mission of Christ to inspire you in the mission he has called you to!

Now It’s Your Turn

What would you suggest as a way to prepare your heart and mind for Monday? How would you help to clean your slate learning from the past but being optimistic about the future?

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  1. Christopher Pilon
    Christopher Pilon says:

    #3 is a key for me, Dave. On Sundays, I try to schedule something fun for the middle of the week when I know I’m starting to go down hill so I have something to look forward to. It could be something small but it’s usually enough for me to focus on to get me through that tough part of the week.

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