Video for Business | Episode 16

In this episode I talk with Holly Gillen about how important it is to know the “why” behind your video broadcasts before you even get started. We dig deep into the 4 Pillars of Pre-Production, to give you practical tips and resources on how to make your videos successful.

Launching Your Podcast | Episode 15

So, you’d like to start a podcast…now what? In this episode Dave Shrein chats with Ryan Bilello about the practical tools that will help you get your podcast up and running. With their combined experience, their discussion about editing tools, software, and general theory will help you save time and money while launching a successful show.

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What You Need to Know About Your Customers | Episode 014

It’s natural to get excited about your business, your products, your passion – but you must remember that if your business is going to grow, it is not about you. Everything is about your customers. Young entrepreneurs often get caught up in the excitement of doing something they’ve always dreamed of and in this episode of #dactalk we discuss remembering the human element of online business.

Your First 90 Days After Going Pro | Episode 013

You dream and dream of that day when your side business starts generating enough income for you to leave your 9-5 and work full time on your dream. What you may not necessarily think about is what to expect when that happens. In this episode of #dactalk you’ll hear from two entrepreneurs their experience from turning pro!

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Achieve Mad Crazy Success as a Freelancer | Episode 012

You’ve found yourself taking on special jobs here and there and before you knew it, you were a freelancer. How do you continue to balance your day job with your freelancing work? More importantly, how do you take on the right clients and charge the right amount for your expertise. This episode of #dactalk is all about the life of the freelancer and helping you become more effective in your pursuit of side income.

Pursuing Your Dream While Working a 9-5 | Episode 011

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If the title doesn’t say it all. You know exactly what this is all about. You have passion or a dream that burns inside of you and yet the majority of your time is spent at your 9-5 building someone else’s business. It’s not that you begrudge their business (after all, it’s keeping food on the table and a roof over your head – and in some cases Apple products in your hands) but you know that you were meant for something different than the 9-5.

In this episode of #dactalk  (which stands for Dave and Community Talk) +Dave Shrein and +John Meese talk all about how to manage the fine art of pursuing your dream while working a 9-5.

How do you focus on your paying job while you’re clocked in yet give the necessary attention to your dream that is beating inside your heart?

How do you manage caring for your family and friends while using every spare moment outside of the 9-5 to build your dream?

How do you turn what you love doing into what generates meaningful and consistent income?

How do you build an audience to engage with along the journey?

If you’ve ever wondered, “is there a better way to make this happen?” then this is the episode for you. You’ll find community, hope and encouragement from two entrepreneurs who are living it right along side you.

How to Transition Your Pricing | Episode 010

Pricing your services is one of the top concerns a entrepreneur will encounter. You want to price your services high enough to display the value you bring but competitive enough so you can land business. However, you know there is more to this conversation than simple dollars and cents and that’s where this episode of #dactalk takes us. Simple shifts in your thinking can complete change the way you make decisions around pricing your services.

The Quickest Way to Achieve Success | Episode 009

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We all want to know the secret to success. We look at what others are doing around us and wonder, “what is it that they’re doing because it seems to be working.” There is, in fact, a secret to success – though honestly it’s not as interesting as your typical secret.

In the world of building your brand and creating an online business there is one thing you must do if you want to achieve success at a significant pace and here it is: suck up your pride and learn from others.

You may see four or five others who are building their business and it seems like everything is just falling into place – so what is it that they’re doing that is bringing success? While it may not be a prescription for what you should do it may be a good description that you could adapt for yourself.

In this episode of #dactalk Dave Shrein and Meiko Seymour team up to talk about their most recent experiences of learning and share some of their favorite places to listen to the success and failures of others.