What You Need to Know About Your Customers | Episode 014

Serving your Customers, Online Marketing

It’s natural to get excited about your business, your products, your passion – but you must remember that if your business is going to grow, it is not about you. Everything is about your customers. Young entrepreneurs often get caught up in the excitement of doing something they’ve always dreamed of and in this episode of #dactalk we discuss remembering the human element of online business.

Your First 90 Days After Going Pro | Episode 013

You dream and dream of that day when your side business starts generating enough income for you to leave your 9-5 and work full time on your dream. What you may not necessarily think about is what to expect when that happens. In this episode of #dactalk you’ll hear from two entrepreneurs their experience from turning pro!

Selling On Social Media Without Sounding Like a Salesman | Episode 005

In this episode of #dactalk Charissa and I take on a topic that is becoming more and more relevant to the every day person: Selling on social media. When you don’t know what to do you are relegated to taking pictures of a product you love, putting a whimsical caption about why you’re using it at that moment and then post it in hopes that someone will be interested.

While there is a place for that sort of post that place is located within a greater strategy. This episode isn’t about building a strategy from front to back but it is about what elements need to be present in your strategy if you hope to be effective selling on social.