What You Need to Know About Your Customers | Episode 014

Customers. Such an impersonal term. Okay, so let’s call them clients. Better, but somehow it still misses the mark.

The reality is that no matter what you label those who choose to work with you there is a simple element you must remember… beyond the tasks, invoices, labels, etc.

Your customers are real people.

One of the most promising things about social media, when the term was coined, was an awareness being placed on the fact that these networks were socially based. Somehow marketing and sales have taken over and while you may still call it social media, we’re not describing these networks as social – we are referring to them as social.

In this episode of #dactalk , Dave Shrein and Ahna Hendrix talk about the human element of online business. Is there a proper balance between money and relationship? How do you remember that those you are communicating with are real people with real lives and treat them as such? A conversation with two entrepreneurs sharing what they’ve heard, learned, seen and experience in their lives as online marketers.