Your First 90 Days After Going Pro | Episode 013

You dream and dream and dream of that moment when you turn pro. When you can finally spend all day, every day working on your dream. It’s liberating and freeing, but it’s also overwhelming and scary.

So, what should you expect during your first 90 days after turning pro-entrepreneur or full-time freelancer? What resistance will you meet? What will continue to motivate you? How will you find work and expand your business? Maybe most of all, what do you do when those first 90 days don’t work out like you intended?

In this episode of #dactalk,Dave Shrein and Bethany Jett talk about what those first 90 days were like. Dave is nearly a year into running his business full time and Bethany is just over 90 days from launching hers. Two perspectives, two experiences, one amazingly powerful episode for the entrepreneur or dreamer.