Selling On Social Media Without Sounding Like a Salesman | Episode 005

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Online business has become so popular that almost everyone has something they’re trying to sell. When you partner with a new organization, join a team or become a rep for a product you’re already using and loving the easies place to go sell is social. However, you can do a lot of damage to your personal profile by pushing products and services without doing the necessary front end work.

In this episode of #dactalk, Charissa and I take on the topic of selling on social media. There are so many different angles to come at this topic because everyone’s business is different. For the family looking to make an extra $1,000 a year it will be a completely different strategy than the person trying to quit his/her job to go full time with their new business.

Some of the topics covered include being authentic in everything you post, loving the products that you’re trying to sell, owning your voice, becoming an authority based upon life experience and many more.

If you have any desire to sell anything and use social to do it, you need to watch this entire episode. You will save yourself a lot of trouble.

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