Church Communication Director

Welcome to My Website

Hi, my name is Dave Shrein. Diane Markins has been a long time friend and I am glad to have you visit my website. What I love about Diane is that she can find guests who are bold leaders but authentically real. They share their stories, the good and the bad, all in hopes that us, the reader, will be challenged in a way that improves our lives.

I believe that every one of us is a leader. My world view is that by virtue of our own experiences (which are all different) we have something to offer someone else. We have insight, experience or knowledge that others need to hear.

Here on my blog, Permission to Lead, I am all about sharing the lessons that I’ve learned through growing up, parenting, marriage, work and relationships. Here are a few of my favorite post that lean into what it means to be a bold leader!

practical ways that we can serve others demonstrates our leadership
Never give up on your dreams and ignore the voices in your head telling you otherwise
you are capable of greatness