Sharing Cartflows Thank You Page URLs — We can’t seem to find an order for you

Sharing Cartflows Thank You Page URLs — We can't seem to find an order for you

Cartflows is a great checkout plugin for Woocommerce that allows for you to create individual checkout funnels complete with bump orders, upsells, and downsells. When building your funnels within Cartflows you’ll most likely want to share the individual pages with peers for review, proofing, and approval. Unfortunately, you cannot share upsell, downsell, and thank you […]

Fixing the Cartflows “Sorry, Your Sessions Has Expired” Message

Fixing the Cartflows Sorry, Your Session Expired Message, Dave Shrein

Cartflows is an incredibly shopping cart plugin for Woocommerce on WordPress until you get the message, “Sorry, your session has expired.” It is at this point you begin searching the internet for answers, Cartflows helpdocs, and (my favorite) the Cartflows Facebook Group. You’ll discover that the culprit for this error message is actually the caching […]