Avoiding A Case of the Mondays

Call center with desks and computers

Remember that scene from Office Space? “Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays”. I can’t forget it. When you’re working for someone else, Mondays can feel like a return to making someone else’s dream happen. When you’re working for yourself Mondays are days you can’t wait to get to… or at least they […]

How to Transition Out of Your Job | 30 in 30 with Justin Trapp

how to transition out of your job

Recently a new friend of mine, Justin Trapp, send me an email asking if I’d be willing to share my story on his 30 in 30 program. The whole concept, WHICH I LOVE, is Justin taking 30 days to interview 30 different influential leaders and I was honored to be invited to talk with Justin.

You Were Created to Be Great

you are capable of greatness


Why is it so easy to become content with the attitude of “that’s good enough”? No matter whether we have taken that attitude towards personal or professional responsibilities, we know that bumping up our effort at any given task can produce outstandingly better results. Why are we content with good, or rather, good enough?

Why a Quarter Is Worth as Much as a Ten Dollar Bill

Investing in Parenting

It was the middle of July and I was trying to take in a baseball game with my 15-month-old son, Isaiah. If I lived in San Diego it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but July in Phoenix is miserable. Like, 113 degrees miserable.

From the moment we arrived to the moment we got home it was a struggle. Just battling the heat from the car to the stadium took nearly every ounce of energy (and hydration) I had. When we arrived at our seats, Isaiah didn’t want to sit for longer than an inning, so we walked around the stadium several times. Despite the struggles of the day, I would never take back that experience.

We All Want to Feel Awesome

Become an Awesome-Maker

During my early years of working in the church many of my leaders wanted to see me succeed. I would fail and then fear they would give up on me. But their desire to see me do well was so strong that they would each continue to pour into and challenge me to grow and improve. Knowing I had a safe environment to experience failure gave me freedom to take big risks. I loved having someone there at the end of the day to make me feel awesome regardless of the outcome. I call those people awesome-makers.

The older you get and the higher you climb on the leadership ladder awesome-makers become hard and harder to find. I don’t know what disease you contract when you reach adulthood but one of the symptoms is definitely a lack of people who’s expressed purpose in your life is to encourage you.