You Are the Expert

You are not alone if you experience a lack of confidence when it comes to being the expert on your primary area of interest. It’s something everyone struggles with. The person you look up to the most has most likely struggled with. There is one key thing you need to remember when it comes to being the expert and in this Periscope we’ll address that one key thing.

Dreaming Is Dangerous

The above clip was taken from #dactalk Episode 005, Selling On Social Without Sounding Like a Salesman

In an earlier post I wrote about the danger we face when dreaming. I didn’t realize it when I initially wrote it, but this is a topic that I am apparently pretty passionate about.

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I host a entrepreneur Google Hangout every other week with my co-host Charissa Moore and the topic of danger in selling came up. I took the opportunity to elaborate on the danger of dreaming.

What is the dream you have for your life? I don’t care how old you are or unprepared you are or unable you are… please share below what dream you currently have for your life. There is great power in committing a dream to words so…


Discover How Twitter Works

How Twitter Works | Guide to Twitter

Today I am launching a guide to Twitter that has taken me three months to develop. It’s all worth it though. I’m a dreamer and it’s hard to find other dreamers. Most of us have the dreams ripped out of our hearts at a young age. Twitter has inspired me to dream again because I’ve found other dreamers who weren’t ready to give up.

Are you a dreamer who refuses to give up?

Grace that Refuses to Quit

Grace and Forgiveness

This picture commemorates more than just the night before my sister’s wedding. It commemorates mistakes, forgiveness, grace and relationships that refuse to quit.

The following post is the story of how I was rotten to my siblings and how I have made the most of a rotten situation

Qualities of a Leader When Responding to Difficult Situations

It had been a pretty good day thus far and I was moving from one “To do” item to the next. I reached for my cell phone to check email and the message I had been dreading came in. You know those moments when your heart sinks to the pit of your stomach and you get a sick feeling? That was it.

The email I received was one that required me to follow through with a responsibility that I did not want to execute. I wanted nothing to do with it. So much so that I nearly wrote back that I had changed my mind and wouldn’t be able to accommodate the request.

Business and Goals | Episode 001

Learn how Dave and Charissa approach setting goals for their business.

The first episode of my new live show, Dave and Charissa Talk, is all about covering the topic of setting goals for your business. Goals can be tough to establish, track and accomplish especially if you’re a small business. Our conversation is all about ways we approach goal setting and goal achieving. There is no “right way” that we prescribe but rather share our successes and failures in hopes of inspiring you to find the process that works for you!

Check out this first episode and let me know what you think!

Life Virtues to Specific Responses |Qualities of a Leader


My two boys were sitting on the bed giggling. A million dollar moment, right? The younger one, Isaac, was watching his brother Isaiah move his hands when Isaac started to mimic his big brother. Isaiah got a little annoyed and pushed Isaac’s hands away.

I stepped in and said, “Isaiah, you have to show Isaac how to do things. He doesn’t know; he’s looking to you to show him how to act.”

Then it occurred to me, Isaiah doesn’t know much more than Isaac does. Yet Isaiah has the responsibility to set an example for his younger brother.

How Leaders Should Respond When Offended


Have you ever been annoyed or offended when, after years of no contact, an old friend calls asking for a big favor? Perfect, this post is for us.

– At the very end of this story I will reveal to you the two characteristics that will positively influence every interaction you will ever have… if you can embrace them. –