The Reason Why You Are Stuck

Why you are stuck launching your online business and how to get unstuck

Entrepreneurs should be applauded to taking risks, trying new things, making sacrifices and putting it all on the line. The problem we run into is when we try to do all of that on our own and find ourselves becoming stuck… we’ll spend hours moving and at the end of all that movement we have no momentum. Efforts outpace results.

Just Ask For Help

Help for Entrepreneurs only comes when the entrepreneur is willing to ask for help

We are subject to failure and criticism unlike typical 9-5 workers because we are putting much more of who we are on the line. As a result we are knocked down over and over again. Whether by our own conscience or by others, we are knocked down.

Getting knocked down leads to inaction and inaction leads to the sensation of feeling stuck – no matter what you do you can’t or don’t move forward.

Investing In Your Business For When You Need It

Invest in your business

It’s too easy to wait until things are slow or something has gone wrong before we begin thinking about investing in marketing our business. The best moment to begin marketing your business is in the middle of prosperity because you can build a new step to climb as the seasons of business take hold.

Editing Your Periscope Videos on Final Cut Pro X

How you can edit Periscope video for youtube

Looking to create evergreen content that will drive traffic back to your website forever? Taking your Periscope replays and editing them down to their core will help you create rich media that will be watched over and over no matter how long ago you published it.

Start Dreaming Again

We all started out as dreamers. Now, you may find yourself saying, “I guess this is just what I’m meant to do,” as you consider your current lot in life, but it wasn’t always that way. As a child you were a dreamer. You could do anything you wanted and everyone around you thought it was cute. As you grew something changed and suddenly the word “realistic” became vocabulary you heard more often.

It’s time for you and I to get back to what came naturally to us: dreaming.

How to use a conference hashtag on Twitter

When you attend a conference that uses a common hashtag, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first try to engage in the conversations. Dozens of tweets or posts appear every minute and keeping up is tough. Truthfully, it’s a lot easier than it appears to get noticed, be heard and grow your platform but it takes a small hint of intentionality and a willingness to put others ahead of yourself.

Mondays Suck but They’re Not About You

You probably have good reason for hating Mondays. Many people do. However, could our attitude on Monday reveal more about our character and our outlook on life than we give it credit for? What would it look like if you altered your perspective of why you work and why you are getting up and starting a new week every Monday.

This Periscope video may be exactly the kick in the pants you need to be fired up for Mondays.