Why No One Talks About Email Marketing Anymore

It seemed like social media feeds were jam packed with messages singing the praises of email marketing not long ago. Online entrepreneurs had discovered digital gold and were teaching everyone else how to dig. All of the sudden it has dropped off and seems as if live streaming and other new tech has replaced what was once the hype of online marketing.

The best Wordpress Plugin for building your email list

Best WordPress Plugin for Email Subscriptions

The best WordPress plugin for building your email list subscription is going to vary from person to person. While there are many free offerings, the solutions that provide the most functionality with the cleanest code (read most efficient code) are going to be the preferred options. You want options so you can choose the plugin that fits best with your budget and your platform. At the end of this post I do make a recommendation.

how to create a lead magnet

Create a Lead Magnet that Builds Your List Today

Owning an email list means that you have an audience of individuals who have provided your email in exchange for something. That something is typically called a lead magnet or opt in bribe. When you create a lead magnet relevant to your audience’s pain points can dramatically increase the rate at which you add subscribers to your email list. So, how do you decide on your lead magnet?

Get Started with Email marketing

Getting Started with Email Marketing

You are ready to launch an email list and the only problem you’re running into is which email service provider to use. It’s frustrating when you have the motivation to launch and you feel paralyzed because you don’t want to make the wrong decision.

Let’s discuss, very quickly, exactly how to get your start with email marketing – no frustration, no delays and no regrets!

The Autoresponder is Your Most Underutilized Tool

One of the most underutilized tools for every organization is email. Organizations are certainly familiar with email and, quite honestly, they are unaware that they abuse it. Typically when we think of an underutilized tool we try and remember tools we’ve forgotten about. The problem with email is not that we forget about it, but organizations never even consider how best to use it.

Making Email Your Most Powerful Communication Tool

I love putting on webinars because it’s my opportunity to share (for free) everything that I’ve learned about any given topic. This next webinar on email campaigns is a HUGE one because I have literally put in over 18 months of study and learning into better executing email campaigns. My results have increased, my responses have increased and the amount of fun that I have creating email campaigns has increased.

Oh, I am so excited!!! You gotta click for more – and I hope you will.