Learn the top three tips you need to get started on Periscope

Getting Started on Periscope

Getting started on Periscope may be a daunting task for you, especially if it’s outside of your comfort zone. Success comes with experience, but there are also a few things you can do to ensure your first experience is a success. I’ve put together my top three tips for Getting started on Periscope and they will give you the confidence you need to launch your first broadcast!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

On the day I got fired I called my dad, in tears, and asked him if he was proud of me. He said, “you know I’m proud of you.” Through sobbing I asked him, “what are you proud of?” He said, “You’re a great dad, you’re a great husband, you work hard… there’s nothing I’m not proud of.” That is my favorite memory of being your son, dad. I will remember that moment forever.

How to Become an Authority In Your Work

Those of us who are building a platform in order to gain influence in a particular niche the one thing that we need in the minds of our potential readers, clients, bosses, etc., is authority. When you are viewed as an authority your words are authoritative, however, you must use your words to gain authority as well.

There is a simple mental shift that you can make on a daily basis which will give you the ability to gain influence using words as well as speak with authority.

How you can edit Periscope video for youtube

Editing Your Periscope Videos on Final Cut Pro X

Looking to create evergreen content that will drive traffic back to your website forever? Taking your Periscope replays and editing them down to their core will help you create rich media that will be watched over and over no matter how long ago you published it.