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How to Become an Authority In Your Work

You are in a meeting with co-workers and every time you contribute to the conversation, your ideas don’t garner respect or attention. Perhaps this is even true when you share ideas with a client who has hired you. Does this sound familiar?

When we sense our ideas or opinions aren’t met with respect, we begin to hypothesize why. “Maybe my co-workers don’t respect me. Maybe my boss doesn’t take me seriously. Maybe there is something being said about me when I’m not around.” No matter the excuse, you are most likely looking for your answer in the wrong place. You’re looking at external dynamics. You need to begin looking at internal realities.

A Mental Shift to Become an Authority In Your Work

Our most influential authority figures have something in common – they know what they’re talking about. They don’t approach their keynotes, writings or interviews with a wishy-washy attitude. Rather, they speak with certainty and do not second-guess what they say.

Authorities don’t lean on the phrase, “I think.” Neither should you when it comes to being an authority in your niche.

When I ask clients to tell me what they are really good at they usually have a hard time because they don’t want to sound prideful. They will rely on, “I think,” in order to avoid being perceived as bombastic. I tell them to be honest, not modest. This natural attitude of modesty misplaces the focus on the idea of not sounding arrogant. The desire to be honest is a desire to focus on providing real feedback in order to help others who need our expertise.

Become the Authority

Going from, “I think,” to, “I know,” isn’t as scary as it seems when you do it in the spirit of being honest about how you can help people. “I know,” sets you up to be seen as an authority.

So, next time you’re working with a team or you’re presenting to superiors, be honest about your skills and stay away from the phrase, “I think.” Share what you know and be confident as you give your best to those around you.

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