Mondays Suck but They’re Not About You

You probably have good reason for hating Mondays. Many people do. However, could our attitude on Monday reveal more about our character and our outlook on life than we give it credit for? What would it look like if you altered your perspective of why you work and why you are getting up and starting a new week every Monday.

This Periscope video may be exactly the kick in the pants you need to be fired up for Mondays.

Creating Images with Spruce

You no longer need to be a Photoshop expert to create stunning images to populate your social media feeds. Using amazing (free) tools that are completely web-based you now have the power to catch the eye of users as they scroll through each network feed – and catch their eye. In a time when a premium is placed on the visual it isn’t bad to have a simple tool like Spruce ready and waiting to execute your every command.

Oh and BTW, it’s custom made for the non-Photoshop user but… Photoshop experts will find it refreshingly simple as well.