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Creating Images with Spruce

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The best tools are the ones that you can learn and use within a minute. Spruce is one of those tools.

In the past you’ve probably opened up Photoshop to add some words to an image for your blog or social media and after 15-20 minutes you finally save a jpg. You’re not 100% pleased with your work but at the same time, something is better than nothing. You’d probably just assume you never open Photoshop ever again.

Spruce is a web-based word art creation tool that gives you the ability to upload an image and lay simple text over the image. That’s it. If you don’t have an image already selected you can search through the Spruce library and attempt to find an image that suits your text. The only customization options for the text is selecting a font and the location of the text on the image. Once you’ve selected your photo, font and placement you can download the image to your computer, post it to Facebook or Tweet it to your Twitter profile.

My friend, Charissa Moore, discovered Spruce in late 2014 after the business profile followed her on Twitter and she shared her newfound affinity for Spruce in a #dactalk shortly thereafter. Give it a whirl and see if it’s the social tool you didn’t know you needed.

Click here to visit TrySpruce.com

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