The Value of Twitter with Brady Shearer

Brady Shearer is an entrepreneur who runs a multi-media business, has a podcast and has launched a new product called the Church Graphics Handbook. What is the value of Twitter to someone like Brady? I asked him that question and he was straight up with his answer. Check it out!

Followers and Following | Who Should I Follow on Twitter?

Too often we get caught up in the margins of whatever it is we’re going after. On GIANT social media margin is the question, “who should I follow on Twitter?” Another one, and closely related too, is,” I don’t have very many followers so it’s not worth it.”

We are naturally attracted to folks who share similar interests and have complimentary personalities and in the same way it takes time in real life to find these people, it takes time on Twitter… except real life doesn’t have something called a search tool! Likewise, we naturally attract these same folks to ourselves.

So what’s the key to making this happen on Twitter?

Selling On Social Media Without Sounding Like a Salesman | Episode 005

Video not working? Watch on YouTube.

Online business has become so popular that almost everyone has something they’re trying to sell. When you partner with a new organization, join a team or become a rep for a product you’re already using and loving the easies place to go sell is social. However, you can do a lot of damage to your personal profile by pushing products and services without doing the necessary front end work.

In this episode of #dactalk, Charissa and I take on the topic of selling on social media. There are so many different angles to come at this topic because everyone’s business is different. For the family looking to make an extra $1,000 a year it will be a completely different strategy than the person trying to quit his/her job to go full time with their new business.

Some of the topics covered include being authentic in everything you post, loving the products that you’re trying to sell, owning your voice, becoming an authority based upon life experience and many more.

If you have any desire to sell anything and use social to do it, you need to watch this entire episode. You will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Dreaming Is Dangerous

The above clip was taken from #dactalk Episode 005, Selling On Social Without Sounding Like a Salesman

In an earlier post I wrote about the danger we face when dreaming. I didn’t realize it when I initially wrote it, but this is a topic that I am apparently pretty passionate about.

[Tweet “Dreaming is dangerous but dreaming is worth it.”]

I host a entrepreneur Google Hangout every other week with my co-host Charissa Moore and the topic of danger in selling came up. I took the opportunity to elaborate on the danger of dreaming.

What is the dream you have for your life? I don’t care how old you are or unprepared you are or unable you are… please share below what dream you currently have for your life. There is great power in committing a dream to words so…


The Christmas Social Episode

Social is a beast, mostly because there is an expectation for us to have a presence on all networks, even if we don’t understand them. Finding clarity for our main church account is hard enough. Never mind the ministries that want their own social presence.

Thankful | How I Started My Podcast, Thanks Chuck


It’s been a year since the conversation that helped me launch the Church Marketing Podcast. It’s amazing how one moment can impact so many others, but I have to say that it happens and it’s powerful.

One call from Chuck Scoggins and that moment changed all my other moments. Guess way, you have a moment waiting for you.

Thankful | All About Helping People

Bring on the Thanksgiving posts! This year I have a lot to be grateful for. After suddenly being released from my job of six years with no warning, I hit the ground running in this new episode of life. I did so with the support of my friends and family… and an amazing community of people who wanted to see me succeed.

Today I kick off a series of posts about how thankful I am for my community of Twitter friends who not only are all about helping people, but came along side to help me specifically. There’s no one better to start with than my friend Jonathan Milligan… and as you read you’ll see why.

Thankful for the Blogger Who Helps People

When you’re a dreamer, pursuing your dreams can be a lonely pursuit because dreaming is dangerous. Dreaming leads you to do crazy things like quit your job, turn down promotions, sell your house, try and write a book… all sorts of goofy stuff. Unfortunately, too many have been spurned by dreams not becoming reality and thus give up on dreaming altogether.

In April of 2014 I began to consider what dreams I might want to accomplish. Because living the life of a dreamer is dangerous and lonely, I started looking for other dreamers who might want some company. There’s actually a term for this called mastermind. A mastermind is a group of individuals who have enough life in common to understand one another but are diverse enough in experiences to be able to help and encourage one another. While I was looking for my mastermind, Jonathan Milligan wrote an article talking about a mastermind he was a part of. I was intrigued.

I Reached Out to This Guy with 56K Twitter Followers

Imagine being in a stadium with 56K people all to see one person! That’s how many followers Jonathan has on Twitter. I reached out to Jonathan by sending him an email through his website. He emailed me back inviting me to do a Skype video to hear more about my story. I’m not sure what Jonathan saw in me that would compel him to spend an hour of time with me. Whatever he saw he found through my Twitter profile and my website.

Since that initial Skype call Jonathan and I have kept a good relationship. I’ve been privileged to attend some of his webinars and even purchased a product he created to teach others how create their own masterminds, the very reason why I reached out to Jonathan in the first place.

There’s Much Wisdom to Gain

Jonathan calls himself the Blogger that Helps People and it’s true. I’ve seen  his Twitter profile and he is constantly communicating with his followers offering advise or resources. I see a lot in Jonathan that I’d like to see in myself one day. I continue to read his blog and attend his webinars because I know his wisdom and insight into helping people will drip down to me.

When I was compiling my list of handpicked Twitter experts, Jonathan’s name had to be on that list. “The Blogger Who Helps People” agreed to participate and I am pleased to include our conversation in the guide! What Jonathan share is absolutely invaluable to anyone who is willing to dream and stare into the face of danger and then say, “let’s do this.”

Discover How Twitter Works

How Twitter Works | Guide to Twitter

Today I am launching a guide to Twitter that has taken me three months to develop. It’s all worth it though. I’m a dreamer and it’s hard to find other dreamers. Most of us have the dreams ripped out of our hearts at a young age. Twitter has inspired me to dream again because I’ve found other dreamers who weren’t ready to give up.

Are you a dreamer who refuses to give up?