Leaders Dream


What dreams have you had that never came to be? For Isaiah Austin, a center from Baylor who had made himself eligible for the 2014 NBA Draft, his dream has been to hear his name called by the commissioner of the NBA, making his entrance into the world’s elite basketball association.

Isaiah will not play in the NBA. He was not be drafted.

practical ways that we can serve others demonstrates our leadership

Leaders Serve Others


It was late and I was working on my computer focused on the project in front of me. Sondra got home and asked me to pull in the minivan a little further so we could close the garage.

What do you think I did?

How Often Should I Post on Social Media

One question that surrounds content marketing is, “how often should I post?” In this instance, post refers to making a new piece of valuable content available online. It could be posting through social media or just posting on your website’s blog. However, the question of how often is misguided. There is one trait that, if your company can adopt and maintain, will set you a part from your competition and will guarantee your content will be shared.

Leaders Start


I just spent $400 on an online writing course and the most valuable lesson so far is one that I already knew, but is totally worth $400 to hear again.

How to Transition Out of Your Job | 30 in 30 with Justin Trapp

how to transition out of your job

Recently a new friend of mine, Justin Trapp, send me an email asking if I’d be willing to share my story on his 30 in 30 program. The whole concept, WHICH I LOVE, is Justin taking 30 days to interview 30 different influential leaders and I was honored to be invited to talk with Justin.

The You Episode

The virtue of self-care with Ahna Hendrix

This episode is dedicated to self-care and finding the motivation necessary to realize our individual roles in God’s kingdom. Talking with Ahna Hendrix, an entrepreneur living in Vietnam was a privilege and I’ve learned a lot from watching her. I hope you can learn from her experiences as well!

30 in 30 with Justin Trapp

Never give up on your dreams and ignore the voices in your head telling you otherwise

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Never Give Up On Your Dream | What do the voices say to you?

What is your dream? All of us have a dream locked inside of us. Even if it’s been years since you entertained the thought, the dream is still there.

To never give up on your dreams is something that’s easy to say, but hard to do. The second we enter into the process of realizing a dream, the voices telling us we’re foolish become loud and crippling.