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It’s that time of the year… everyone’s sharing their “top content” and I decided to jump on that very same bandwagon. If you’ve been following a long with me from the beginning, this week may feel like watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on rerun. If you’ve only started tuning in the last several weeks, here’s some of what was featured earlier this year.

Stop Beating Up on Christmas

There is no shortage on articles written about the excess of Christmas. Many suggest that gifts blind us from the true meaning of Christmas. Personally, I can’t escape this thought: can’t giving personalized and extravagant gifts co-exist with celebrating Christ’s birth?

At the first Christmas there were many gifts given. Joseph and Mary were given a free night at the inn. Though their stable was unclean and undesirable, it was a gift that was given freely. We then read the accounts of the wise men arriving and giving three extravagant gifts to Christ. Lastly, Christ himself, was a gift. So why do we beat up on giving gifts at Christmas?

We All Have A Special Light

We All Have Special

I believe God gave me a special light. It’s the thing that no one can put their finger on, the spark that draws people. I began noticing this light it at a young age. Early on it showed up when my friends looked to me to make decisions, stopping to listen when I would speak. As I grew older it would the light turned into employers asking me for business advice, adults sharing their troubles and being given more responsibility.

Success Is Drenched In Sweat


When we don’t see immediate results after dedicating hard work and hustle, frustration can mount and thwart forward progress. To commit countless hours to a purpose, only to fall short, leaves too many talented leaders in a state of defeat. Too many give up too soon.

When men and women give up because of failure, they rob the world of the moments when they were destined to shine.

Deborah Wipf – Vision View

“Vision is powerful, but it’s a 30k-foot view. For vision to become reality, boots have to hit the ground and implement.” – @DeborahWipf


Sharing the Love – December 20th

Yet another great streak of content from super generous tweeters… twitterers??? Either way, here’s what’s on tap!

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Why Leaders Need to Be More Generous

Why leaders need to be more generous

We walked through the entrance doors and the first words out of my wife’s mouth were, “Okay, I take back everything I’ve said because this is a really neat place. I had no idea it would be like this.”

One thing you need to know about Sondra is that when she sets her mind, changing it is almost impossible. If she believes something to be “weird”, it will forever be weird. If she has a bad experience with a type of food, it will take her years before she gives that same type of food a second chance. So when she walked into the Bass Pro Shop and immediately changed her mind, I took note.

The Pain and Heartache of Leadership

Beth Wolff

Maybe this wasn’t the first time I knew I was a leader, but it was the first time that the repercussions of being a leader sunk in.

I was 18. In a moment of vulnerability, I was telling a respected family friend about how alone I felt in life. While everyone else seemed to have persons to journey along side them, friends that really understood them, I was a magnate for trainees, rookies, and hopeful apprentices. Despite starting relationships with the intention of mutual friendship, they naturally rolled into me as coach.

I was tired of it. But this lament was met with an unexpected response that has changed my perspective on leadership: “Yeah, doesn’t being a leader suck?!” It felt like there was an feeling of ‘maybe you should quit.’