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Dave Barnes – Very Merry Christmas

Dave Barnes, Very Merry ChristmasI have a Christmas music recommendation that I think will blow your socks off! If you’re ready to listen to the album that is destined to become your family’s favorite December soundtrack look no further and click the links below. You will instantly be taken from a world of LMFAO and Lady Gaga to a place of respect and reverence for Christmas classics.

Dave Barnes, Very Merry Christmas:  iTunes Link | Amazon

For the Skeptical, Keep Reading

There are those music artists that destroy classic holiday songs that we long for every Christmas and then there are those who respect the classics for what they are: classic. Dave Barnes in his album, Very Merry Christmas has done what nearly all other modern artists have failed to do: respect the classics while creating what are sure to be his own classics.

Three years ago my wife and I were searching iTunes for new Christmas tracks. I don’t know how I found Dave Barnes, but I’m glad I did. After listening to his version of I’ll be Home for Christmas and The Christmas Song I was sold. I bought the album and started playing it throughout the house. It was an instant hit with my wife and you know what that means… it became an instant Christmas staple.

While Barnes’ covers of classic songs are arranged with great respect, he also contributes several original songs to the ten track album which I believe will become classics in their own right.

My Favorites From the Album

My favorite track, though I love them all, is Mary and Joseph. It’s a narrative of the relationship between Joseph and his bride to be Mary. True and honest lyrics backed by a simple guitar picking pattern and light piano make this tune the perfect song to play as you drive home from church on Christmas Eve.

Okay, one more favorite… Family Tree. It’s a telling of the Christmas story as experienced over the decades. The song begins with visions of experiencing Christmas as a child. The song progresses into the children become adults, the adults becoming grandparents and as the grandchildren are born, the grandparents pass on. This makes me think of my grandparents, whom I miss dearly.

The bridge has the most significant meaning to our family.

“We’re so much more than blood, we’re more than names. We’re bound by a bond that only God sustains.”

I am part of a blended family. My wife’s parents divorced when she was very young and as with any divorce, it changed the narrative of our family’s story. Despite the hurt of divorce there is wonderful blessing to be found. Through the new marriages of her parents our family has grown. We experience life with new family members whom we love dearly and couldn’t imagine life a part. Our family is so much more than blood or names. We are bound by bonds that only God sustains.

Do Yourself a Favor

I strongly recommend this amazing album and invite you to do as my family has done: add Dave Barnes to your list of MUST HAVE Christmas artists.

Dave Barnes released a second Christmas cd in 2013 and though I’ve only had a couple opportunities to listen to it through and through it definitely has the same magic that has made his debut Christmas album a favorite. Do yourself a favor and check these albums out.

Dave Barnes, Very Merry Christmas:  iTunes Link | Amazon

Dave Barnes, A December to Remember: iTunes Link | Amazon Link

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