How to Create An Online Course to Market and Sell

How do you create an online course? It’s funny to hear your inner monologue asking that question when it seems like yesterday you first discovered that there is an entire world of online courses.

If you’re reading this chances are you have been presented with an offer to purchase an online course. The first time you discover the world of online courses it almost seems like it’s a “make sense” way of learning that you can’t believe it took you so long to discover. From that point, it feels like everyone and their brother has an online course.

And that’s not to say that online courses are bad. On the contrary. The variety of teachers out there covering a variety of subjects means not only can you find instruction on the topic you’re most interested in learning, but you can most likely find it being taught by someone you really enjoy learning from.

Now You Are Ready to Create Your Online Course

As you’ve learned and grown you now are ready to create your online course and that’s where this blog post picks up.

Creating an online course could not be more simple. All you have to do is write down a desired outcome and then walk backwards, cataloguing each step necessary to achieve that desired outcome.

A Demonstration of How to Create An Online Course

The video above is a very basic, yet detailed, demonstration of how to create an online course. Using the very core concept outline I developed the Online Platform Launch Course which is my fourth course and in 2016 generated $25,000 in sales for my business.

As you watch the video you may ask yourself, “Is it really this simple?” and the answer is yes, it is that simple.

Follow the steps as closely as possible, don’t overcomplicate it and don’t second guess yourself during the framework building process and you’ll very quickly and easily create that initial blueprint for your online course.

As easy as this portion of the process is, there are two areas of the online course building process that will slow you down: self-doubt and tools.

Overcoming Self-Doubt Syndrome to Create An Online Course

Going from the student to teacher is a natural progression for many and no matter how you feel about your ability to teach, you wouldn’t be reading this right now if there weren’t a desire in you to share what you’ve learned in a teaching format.

Self-doubt is essentially the fear that comes with putting yourself ‘out there’ for public commentary and consumption. When it is just you and a friend at a coffee shop and you’re teaching your craft it’s easy because all they did was buy you a coffee and now the bar is low for what you need to provide.

Now that you want to start charging $1000 for your content you start hearing voices calling you out on all sorts of fears embedded deep down inside your head and heart.

Overcome Shiny Object Tool Syndrome to Create An Online Course

As you overcome self-doubt and begin to create your course, you will move into the world of “online marketing” and begin looking to emulate much of what you’ve seen other online course creators do by way of what tools they’ve used.

In full shiny object syndrome fashion you will sign up for course software, email marketing programs, download multiple WordPress plugins, and install dozens of WordPress themes trying to achieve a look that you have inside your brain.

The tools are important, how ever, the tools will only amplify the chaos or clarity of your product so right now it is important to put all of the tool talk to the side and focus solely on your actual course content.

Start Creating An Online Course Today

Watch the video above and truly, in a few minutes, you’ll have the core framework for your course written down on a piece of paper and can begin putting together the individual training sections.

If you want to go more in depth, there are lots of resources available with a simple Google search – for instance, here is another way how to create an online course.

It’s so easy to do that it’s even easier to overthink. Don’t. Just let it come naturally to you and if you get stuck, feel free to contact me and I’d love to help you get unstuck.

Entrepreneurs Pursuing Goals vs Shiny Objects

When you don’t have a goal you are aiming for in your online business shiny objects will win.


Because they don’t have any competition.

Without goals you’ll get a good idea, and pursue that idea and leave that idea.

You’ll have another good idea, pursue that idea and leave that idea.

And yet another good idea, you’ll pursue that idea and then leave that idea.

Goals keep you focused on pursuing the right ideas vs good ideas.

Charging What You Are Worth and Be Willing to Say No

The struggle you feel when confronted with landing your first client – it’s real. You’re not the only one battling through the, “I want to land the client but I also need to make money.” When you believe that this issue is unique to you it’s embarrassing to think that you’ve discounted your value, but what were you supposed to do? You needed income.

Your problem is not what you are charging. Your problem is your inability to say no.Click To Tweet

Not all value is monetary. Truthfully, there are situations where you will want to discount your rates to make certain you land the gig because you need the experience. You want to break into the restaurant marketing business so in effort to gain experience working with restaurants, you discount your monthly services so you can land that first store. No shame in that.

Your problem is not what you’re charging, your problem is not being willing to say no to opportunity.

In this Periscope replay we will cover the opportunity cost that exists with every client that comes your way. The temptation to lower your value to get a yes means that down the road you will be unable to say yes to a HIGH PAYING CLIENT because of your eagerness to land ANY CLIENT.

Periscope Replay Videos

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When You Don’t Have Any Clients Yet

Unless you started your business with clients already in the can and ready to go you’re going to have to hit the pavement trying to make sales. Lack of movement is like kryptonite for an the entrepreneur. You and I, we thrive on results, action – getting our hands dirty and seeing something come from nothing.

Shaking hands with a new client

The Art of Turning Free Work Into Paid Work

As you venture into the world of running your own business one thing you’ll hear often in the beginning is, “we’ll give you the opportunity to gain exposure and build your portfolio in exchange for free work.”

What to Do When No One Is Buying What You’re Selling Online

It is incredibly frustrating when no one is buying what you’re selling online. You have packaged your expertise into a high value online product and the world around you doesn’t seem to care one bit. When no one buys your offer you feel defeated and it’s an emotion that is difficult to overcome. Here is what the entrepreneur ought to do when no one is buying what you’re selling online.

Create your first digital product

What Your First Product Should Be

You’ve wondered the entire time, “how am I going to monetize my blog?” and haven’t had a good answer. You tried AdSense. You tried selling ads. You tried affiliate links. Maybe you made a few hundred dollars one year but that is no where near enough to justify the amount of time you’ve been putting in to building your platform.

So you decide, “I need to create a product.” The next question: “what should my product be?”

Starting a Business while Working a 9-5 Job

How to Focus On Your Day Job While Pursuing Your Dream Job

You spend several hours working on some freelance or side business work and when you look at the clock you realize you need to pack it up and make your way to your day job.

Discovering how to keep from dreaming about your passion so you can focus on your day job is a skill that many entrepreneurs need to learn in order to maximize their efforts in both.