The Periscope Episode

The Periscope Episode puts networking and building relationships in a new light for the church. Old school ways of networking included church directories and various small business events but with social media, and Periscope in particular, networking takes on a new meaning and the opportunities to reach individual communities with the valuable message of Jesus has never been more apparent.

The Website Content Episode

Should churches be concerned with their copywriting? This is the first question we post to Mike Kim, an expert in copywriting, marketing and storytelling. The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Yesssssssssss! Your copy is any text that has been published to convey information and serves as the cheapest, most effective way to increase the […]

The Live & Online Episode

The world of Sunday church is changing. In the past the spiritual, personal, professional and leisure portions of a person’s life were separated and very rarely did they interact with one another. This is no longer the case. Within someone’s phone the once separate sections of their lives converge and converge in a big way. No longer does the church have a monopoly on the spiritual portion of a person’s life but it now shares that attention with other, often more exciting portions of their lives. How will we break through? This is what we discuss in The Live & Online Episode of the Church Marketing Podcast.

The Leadership & Volunteer Episode

You know that communications span way beyond the pixels on a computer screen or the ink that’s used on a print piece. The effectiveness of your communication is a sum of church mission, leadership vision, ministry events and details. In The Leadership & Volunteer Episode Deborah Ike takes us throughout the entire scope of church communications into the world of volunteers and utilizing volunteers within our communication departments.

How to Advocate for Marketing and Communication Resources

Advocating for more resources, no matter what industry you’re in can be a tricky task. We have our own set of reasons for requesting resources and those who hold the purse strings have their own set of reasons for saying yes or no. There are things we can do to influence their decision either way.

I’m going to provide you with three need-to-knows when advocating for more resources.

The Communicating with Pastors Episode

The position of communication director (or communication pastor) is fairly new. While many large churches (5,000-plus) have had someone in this role for a long time, the average church is just now discovering the need for someone to ask strategic questions about how their information is being communicated and received. The increase in noise (both online and in life overall) has revealed that the messages from the church are not making it onto calendars, into conversations and/or translating into any type of measurable growth. In a scurry to keep up with the times, churches are hiring individuals to manage communications without a full understanding of what that even means.

The Awesome Communicator Episode 2

Listening to the successes and failures of others in your same area of responsibility is one of the best resources you have for improving your skills. In The Awesome Communicator Episode 2 we hear what’s working from two communicators in the trenches doing the hard work.

The Awesome Communicator Epsiode

The one thing I love more than talking about church communications: talking with church communicators. When I get the opportunity to talk with communicators and celebrate their wins and think through their challenges it fuels my soul. Church communicators are each experts at what they’re working on and when I get to speak with them I get the benefit of their best experiences. I grow as they share how they’ve grown.

The Awesome Communicator Episode is something that I’ve been looking forward to since I launched the Church Marketing Podcast in early 2014. It is real life conversations with two church communicators who are succeeding.