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Maximizing the Reach of Your Website Homepage and Visitor Response

Your website is often relegated from communication resource to dumping ground for information you think is important or content you are excited about. This problem arises when you do not contemplate what eyes are looking at your website.

Your website audience is different than your social media audience and your social media audience is different than your email audience. However, even identifying eyes is not enough. There is one more step you need to take into consideration.

My .com is Taken, What Should I Do for A Domain Name?

You sweat, labor and slave over trying to find the perfect business name and when you finally land on something you feel good about one look at Godaddy leaves you as frustrated as you were at the start. That domain name is not available. What do you do next? Can you use a different extension? Does it have to be a .com domain?

Here are a few things you need to be thinking about when it comes to your domain name for your business website.

The Enfold Theme for WordPress

You have big dreams for your website and yet your budget doesn’t match your dreams. While it is always best to work with a professional who understands how the web communicates in today’s world of B2B and B2C, you do have options even in the midst of lack of funds.

The Enfold Theme for WordPress by Kriesi provides web designers and novices alike with a beautiful set of tools to build a website that can quickly become the envy of peers. Watch me as I show you around the Enfold Theme along with what is possible using Enfolds Avia Advanced Layout Editor.

What to Do When No One Is Buying What You’re Selling Online

It is incredibly frustrating when no one is buying what you’re selling online. You have packaged your expertise into a high value online product and the world around you doesn’t seem to care one bit. When no one buys your offer you feel defeated and it’s an emotion that is difficult to overcome. Here is what the entrepreneur ought to do when no one is buying what you’re selling online.