Qualities of a Leader When Responding to Difficult Situations

It had been a pretty good day thus far and I was moving from one “To do” item to the next. I reached for my cell phone to check email and the message I had been dreading came in. You know those moments when your heart sinks to the pit of your stomach and you get a sick feeling? That was it.

The email I received was one that required me to follow through with a responsibility that I did not want to execute. I wanted nothing to do with it. So much so that I nearly wrote back that I had changed my mind and wouldn’t be able to accommodate the request.

The Power of Going Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves going behind the scenes. At a my former job I regularly took visitors on a tour of our facility. Despite portions of the tour that were less than impressive, when surveyed, participants would always rank the tour as highly enjoyable.

There’s something exciting to learning how the sausage is made.

Going behind the scenes pulls back the facade of the company. It’s essential for every organization to maintain a brand and put forward an intentional image, however you always want to maintain a level of authenticity with transparency.

The Media Essentials Episode

There are a lot of online communities where knowledgeable experts on church media gather and share ideas. Often these forums present amazing solutions in terms that reach over the heads of green media directors or volunteers. In this episode we look at the essential media elements and media strategy which has the greatest impact on a church… without breaking the resource bank. There is a certain level of media competency that churches should strive for in order to make a connection with their surrounding cultures.

Business Websites | Episode 002

In the second episode of Dave and Charissa Talk we hit the topic of business websites. Because websites can be so different in design, content and purpose, we hit mostly on principles and several big picture best practices. We also take an unexpected turn into personal development and leadership truths.

Your Facebook Organic Reach Sucks

Underneath our bitterness, we all understand why Facebook decreased organic reach.

If you don’t have the money to pay for advertisement, or just don’t want to pay for advertisement, I have a few suggestions for overcoming Facebook’s organic reach limitations:

The Pumpkin Pack | Free Fall Stock Photos

I love photography! I’m taking photos everywhere I go with my DSLR and my iPhone. I’ve even started an Instagram account to display just my photos of architecture.

What Is Twitter?


Twitter is not Facebook and that is one of the largest objections I hear to the platform. “It’s not as easy as Facebook.” I totally get that. After my initial Twitter experience, I decided not to “waste time” with another social media network. Instead I focused all my social media time on Facebook. I maintained this position until I was invited to stay in touch through Twitter with someone I definitely wanted to stay in touch with.

How to lost your job

Overcomer Series with Keisha Pittman