What Are You Looking Forward To?


So, I’m 32 today. I have been looking forward to this day for the past month. It’s arrived I’m absolutely giddy. It’s not the first birthday I’ve been fired up about:

8 (I could ride a horse by myself)
10 (Double Digits)
13 (Teenager)
16 (Drive)
18 (Excuse myself from high school)
21 (Able to buy alcohol… not that I drink, but still)
25 (Rent a car anywhere)
30 (I’m really not a kid anymore)

What is so special about 32? Why would 32 make the list? It’s less about my age and it’s more about the day.

Managing Passwords and Accounts for Clients

When it comes to managing social media accounts (or really, any account) for an organization, there is one order of business that is PARAMOUNT. This one thing will allow you to be ready for any addition, subtraction or change to your team.

Boring, unexciting and paramount…. What might it be?

It’s something I call a Master Accounts.

you are capable of greatness

You Were Created to Be Great


Why is it so easy to become content with the attitude of “that’s good enough”? No matter whether we have taken that attitude towards personal or professional responsibilities, we know that bumping up our effort at any given task can produce outstandingly better results. Why are we content with good, or rather, good enough?

A New Episode for the Shrein Family


Often we have plans, timelines and thoughts on how life will go. There’s a plan to get married and hold off on having kids for several years, only to find out that a little blessing is coming quicker than expected. Or perhaps athletic success has come easy but recovery from an injury has not. It might even be thinking that Lebron James abandoned his home town and there will never be a championship in the town of Cleveland and then, all of the sudden the king returns!

I am an dreamer at heart. The older I get the more I dream. If you’re a friend or acquaintance of mine or if you’ve been following me online for any good period of time, you know that I’m always working on something. I’ve always got some new idea on my brain. Are they always good ideas… no… but they’re still brewing.

Write Copy that Compels People to Respond

If you have anything to do with updating your organization’s website you know the challenges of creating inspiring content. Perhaps you can relate to the following example. A co-worker has an event coming up and wants it on the website. The event is assembling Thanksgiving food baskets which is a great cause. The copy you […]

How to Make Time for Yourself

If you ever want time to focus on personal growth, recreation, amusement, rest or any other personal development initiative, there is one very simple tactic that you can try. It is so simple and makes complete sense, yet it feels so weird when you do it for the first time!

6 Church Website Ideas to Immediately Improve Your Site


It would be nice to overhaul our websites when we become limited by dated functionality. I’ve put together a list of 6 church website ideas that will help you immediately improve the usefulness of your church’s website.

Here’s to making the most of what we have!

Processes Help You Scale Your Influence

Have you ever felt like there is not enough time for you to accomplish everything you’ve been asked to do? Discover one way that you can scale your influence beyond your two hands.