What I Learned from Back to the Future

A list of “what I learned from Back to the Future” could be endless. A shorter list might be “what you can’t learn from Back to the Future.” Instead of focusing on the many lessons that Doc and Marty can teach us, there’s just one that I find most helpful.

Your choices today have a direct impact on your life tomorrow.

I’ll Say It Again… You’re Awesome

Become an Awesome-Maker

You may have told your spouse you love them, a family member that you trust them or a friend that they’re awesome. But once is never enough.

Why Starbucks Became An Amazing Third Place


The plane landed and my wife and I made our way to baggage claim. My best buddy, who is a coffee drinker, met us at the airport to take us home. We grabbed our bags and our eyes were struck with the sight of a brand new Starbucks, right there, in baggage claim. It looked more like a cigar club than a typical Starbucks. Being a coffee drinker, my buddy was immediately in line buying a Venti “something.” He bought me a strawberry smoothie (don’t judge) and we were on our way.

Holding my cup, I felt a prick underneath my palm. The thermal label with my name printed on it was wrinkled and had a pointy edge. This little pointy edge is just one of the reasons I hate the thermal labels Starbucks has begun using.

The Value of Living With Margin

Image Courtesy of Robert Macdonald via CreationSwap.com Image Courtesy of Robert Macdonald via CreationSwap.com

“If there’s just no breathing room everything looks like it’s suffocating.” That’s what I say when someone shows me a design that has no room for margin. When I am working within photoshop I see the benefit in having breathing room around my image. It allows the viewer to see what I want them to see.

Perhaps a better example would be to look at the words on a page. When you open up a book you expect to find margin on all four sides of the text. This blank space gives you room to make notations and write insights as they come to you. A book without margin leaves no room for reflection or reaction.
Just as we’ve come to value the margins inside any book, so we should value the same type of space in our lives. Too often we spread ourselves to our very edges leaving little room for adjustments. Busyness blinds us to the value in blank space.

Pairing any task with a life of zero margin leaves no room for experiencing the extraordinary or responding to a moment of need.

Facebook Insults Every Business Owner on Facebook

Facebook Patronizes Business

I have to believe that Facebook knew what it was a s-storm it was starting with its recent “Interested in growing your business using Facebook” ad. In every article posted about doing business on Facebook people are happy with how Facebook has changed the way it delivers content created by pages to fan news feeds. Yet, it didn’t stop Facebook from sending out an ad to businesses promoting how they can help businesses grow.

By virtue of ignoring businesses concerns and blasting business owners with an ad to spend more money on Facebook, the social media giant insulted the intelligence of its entire small business community.

A Leader Protecting His Team


Football fan or not, it’s undeniable how poised and wise Peyton Manning is. After one of the most lopsided games in Super Bowl history a reporter had the audacity to ask if Peyton’s team had an embarrassing performance.

His response is a case study in what a wise and healthy leader will say.

Baby Isaac Is Home


In short, baby Isaac is home. That is the answer to the question I’ve received more than any over the past week and a half. In fact, we were able to bring Isaac home on January 17th. It was four days earlier than expected and not a moment too soon. We are grateful for the staff at Mercy Gilbert and the attention they gave our little preemie, but we are thankful to be home, together as a family.

Tim Tebow Was Destined to Make a Difference

No matter your opinion on Tim Tebow as a person or a football player, there is no denying that when his name enters a conversation it dominates the direction of that conversation.