Coach Bruce Arians’ and Strong Leadership


As an Arizona Cardinals fan there hasn’t been much to get excited about since 2009. This year we have a new coach, Bruce Arians, and a really fresh look as a team. I haven’t spent much time learning about coach Arians, but I have loved every moment of him praising his team.

There are many leadership styles and personality types and while I’m not advocating one type over another, I would like to point out that coach Arians’ approach is exactly what our team needs.

Sharing the Love – November 29

Yet another great streak of content from super generous tweeters… twitterers??? Either way, here’s what’s on tap!

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A Thank You Gives More Than It Takes

A Thank You Give More Than It Takes

I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to be thanked for something they had done. I have met plenty of folks who want to avoid the spotlight. They just don’t want any additional attention to come to their way but even in those situations, they’ll typically say something like, “a simple ‘thank you’ will do.”

Let’s take a moment to write down all our excuses why we don’t say “thank you.”

No One Called Me

No One Called Me, Derek Matthews

When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

I’ve been a leadership development trainer with Character Quest for about 9 years. One of the benefits of building the company from the ground up was having the opportunity to hand select my team. Since then my team has always turned to me for direction – which is a great feeling right? Being wanted, being needed. That’s leadership right? Wrong, and here’s why.

The day I realized I was a leader was terrifying, yet rewarding.

I’m a dad first!

Dave and Isaiah are saying “Hello from Disneyland!”

REWIND :: Worship Leaders in Skinny Jeans


One of the hardest things to do in life is to be yourself. Through the innovation of the internet and social media it is easier than ever to look at what others have and then compare. Popular culture is a bully when it comes to self-image and personal style threats to beat you up. Leaving you irrelevant in a world that craves relevancy.

I often go to the mall to clear my head and people watch. It might sound like misery for some, but for me, mall walking is therapeutic. I can recall a particular weeknight where I was weighing the decision of either becoming a communication director or continuing to pursue a music position in vocational ministry. As I moved past each store, gazing into the full glass windows viewing each display, I noticed that I was gradually looking less at the merchandise and taking note of the product being reflected by the window. I stopped and just looked at myself, at my image.

Sharing the Love – November 22

Yet another great streak of content from super generous tweeters, twitterers??? Either way, here’s what’s on tap!

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A World Without Books

Choosing an ebook vs hardcover book

There are certain things that get under my skin. The ceiling fans that click. Wedding countdowns on Facebook. Nutrition. Oh, what about this one… Being forced to choose between an electronic or hardcover version of a book.

Film and television studios have been providing a complimentary “digital copy” with many DVD or BluRay purchases. Publishers, however, have been much slower to get on board… and it is getting underneath my skin.