Your Facebook Organic Reach Sucks

I’m just as frustrated as you are with organic reach on Facebook. You and I were all comfy and cozy getting 40-50% reach per post and then Facebook decided that the rules needed to be changed.

Underneath our bitterness, we all understand why.

Facebook is a public company and needs to turn massive profits to please investors. This is the world we live in. Even if that weren’t the case, it’s Facebook’s field so it’s Facebook’s rules.

If you don’t have the money to pay for advertisement, or just don’t want to pay for advertisement, I have a few suggestions for overcoming Facebook’s organic reach limitations:

  • Create a mixture of post types. Some video, some photo, some text only, some links. Facebook likes the variety.
  • Consider minimizing the use of links to websites in the post. Facebook wants users to stay in Facebook.
  • Upload the video DIRECTLY into Facebook, rather than pasting a YouTube link.
  • Whenever providing links your social channels in email or on your website, ONLY feature Facebook. When you provide multiple links to multiple networks, you create too many choices. One network, one choice.

When you DO boost/promote a post there are two things you should consider one of which will improve your organic Facebook reach.

Thing 1: Be selective about which posts you promote, choosing only those that help your end game.

Thing 2: When appropriate include a link to your list in your post copy. If you don’t include the link in your post copy, make sure there is an opt in option on any page you do send them to. You can market any social network to your email list at any time.

Wanna Know How I Do It?

My Facebook strategy from July through September was to just get exposure.

I wanted to make people aware of my writing every Monday. I would pay $1-2 a week to boost the post for the purpose all in the name of “brand” awareness.

During that time, I grew my likes by 20-30, but I also greatly increased traffic to my website.