6 Sources for Free or Inexpensive Stock Photography


Here are the places I like to get royalty free images to use however I want.

Unsplash – Free and falls under creative commons. – click here

Death to the Stock Photo – Free to all on their email list. Paid access ($10 a month) to web based database which is basically for easy access. – click here

Morguefile – Low quality, high quantity image gallery with real life shots. some are weird  but some are good. – click here

Lime Lane Photography – Limited library, tough to navigate, but really high quality images. – click here

Mopho.to – Overall really cool and best value for any paid images solution. – click here


And a Special Source

Also, I offer all the images I take for my church on my Tumblr for free. I add a new image every day. – click here


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