What Are You Looking Forward To?


So, I’m 32 today. I have been looking forward to this day for the past month. It’s arrived I’m absolutely giddy. It’s not the first birthday I’ve been fired up about:

8 (I could ride a horse by myself)
10 (Double Digits)
13 (Teenager)
16 (Drive)
18 (Excuse myself from high school)
21 (Able to buy alcohol… not that I drink, but still)
25 (Rent a car anywhere)
30 (I’m really not a kid anymore)

What is so special about 32? Why would 32 make the list? It’s less about my age and it’s more about the day.

In June, Sondra asked, “what do you want to do for your birthday?” I didn’t have an answer immediately available. After thinking about it I decided, “I want to spend the day at Main Event with you doing everything and not worrying about money.” Main Even is one of those places that is like Dave and Busters on steroids. It looks expensive, but it also looks like a lot of fun. That was what I wanted to do. It’s what I’ve been looking forward to for the past month.

A More Positive Way of Looking at Life

One question I repeatedly ask of others is, “what are you looking forward to next?” I have been surprised at how many people respond, “nothing.” Having moments to anticipate and look forward to have been so crucial in helping me move through life with a positive attitude.

In the moments when life sucks the most and I absolutely despise my current circumstances or responsibility, having something to look forward to helps me maintain a healthy perspective. Life is exciting and adventurous. As understandable as it is to have nothing to look forward to, in my opinion, it is inexcusable. Not because it’s wrong, but because you and I are so blessed. I submit that if we have nothing to look forward to, we are not living life the fullest?

What Are You Looking Forward To?

What are you looking forward to next? What signposts have you setup for yourself in the future to say, “this is a moment when I can forget _______ and enjoy _______.” It may be an evening with family. It might have something to do with a work accomplishment. It could even be that cruise 2 years away that you scheduled for your anniversary or graduation. There was a season where getting out of debt was my ‘next thing.’ And now it’s absolutely possible for a ‘next thing’ to be an afternoon at Main Event with the wife doing ropes courses and laser tag.

I challenge you to decide right now, what are you looking forward to next? Look at what is coming up and determine what you are looking forward to… and if there’s nothing, schedule a date with the person you love most – friend, spouse, kid, parent or whoever.

I would be honored if you would share your “what” in the comments below.

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