Weekend Reading, v1

There’s only one thing I love more than writing: reading content that is thoughtfully constructed and beneficial to who I am and who I am becoming.

Here are a few articles for your reading queue this weekend. Please check them out and leave a comment for the author. Comments go a long way to letting the author know how they are connecting with their audience, and quite frankly, it is fuel to inspire them to continue creating quality content. Honor their commitment to quality content with a thoughtful comment!

I am very excited to bring to you volume 1 of Weekend Reading!


Communication Directors Need to Know How to Dance

FROM GERRY TRUE :: You might not think a church communication director needs to know how to dance, but we do. I’m not talking about the fancy moves you see on Dancing with the Stars, although that would be really cool. The dancing I’m referring to doesn’t include music and doesn’t happen under a disco ball. Every day, communication directors dance with ministry leaders and senior leaders as we partner to share God’s story. Depending on how well we dance, we will either move as one or stumble over each other. ——-> Read More


Creating Anticipation Through Social Media

FROM JOSH BURNS :: In church we have become experts at churning out the plan for a church service. Prayer, songs, greet, songs, offering, announcements, sermon, songs, prayer. Those are the most usual elements of a church service, right? And we wonder why ‘going to church’ just becomes something that people do to check it off their list. And we wonder why people leave the service and go on living their lives the same way they did when they entered the service. There’s no element of surprise anymore. ——-> Read More


How to Create a Social Media Plan in 9 Steps

SHARED BY REBEKAH RAY :: 1) Determine Your Goals, 2) Conduct a Social Media Audit, 3) Study Your Competition, 4) Determine Your Target Market, 5) What Are Your Key Messages, 6) Determine Your Social Media Channels, 7) Create an Editorial Calendar, 8) Determine Who is Responsible for What, 9) Measure the Results —> Read More