More Website Visitors, More Clients, More Sales

Are you tired of continuing to publish content day in and day out only to never see any type of increase in website traffic? You’re not alone. Many online bloggers and businesses pour their heart and soul into their website copy and are perplexed by their lack of traffic, or new traffic.

If you’re looking to gain more website visitors, more clients and more sales you need to do one thing better – write specifically for the audience you are trying to attract. Actually there is two things – write for your audience while highlighting what makes you unique (I talk about that more in depth in this video). Identify this target audience and write specifically for them.

Admittedly this is something difficult for me to do with any degree of ease. I have to constantly think this way and even then I miss the mark. I suspect I’m not alone in this. Is it tough for you too?

Meet the Master of Writing for A Specific Audience

One of my friends, Charissa Moore, has a weird freak gift at writing everything for a specific audience without ever breaking a sweat (at least I never see any sweat). Fortunately for us she shares her secrets willingly to all who are interested.

Every week on #blisschat Charissa walks the Twitter Chat participants through some sort of technique to produce better website copy equalling more visitors and, ultimately, more paying clients. One of her chats she walked participants through a step-by-step process for writing sales copy designed specifically for their audiences by clearly presenting how they are uniquely positioned to help. Below are the Tweets directly from @mscharissamoore.

Join me, Charissa and a whole crew of amazing folks for #blisschat – an encouraging online sales and marketing Twitter Chat. Every Thursday at 7pm MT. Simply search twitter for #blisschat.

Take some time to go through the questions and answer them for yourself or your organization (even if your organization does not measure ‘sales’). You will only experience favorable results when you spend time answering these questions.

Questions that Guide You to More of Everything You Want Online