3 Problems when Building a Communication Team

Event driven ministry provides nearly all church teams a common gathering place or a “rally point” as I like to call it. During these events (Sunday Services, Wednesday youth events, etc.) a leader can inspire, encourage and cast the big picture to the rest of their team. Volunteers love being a part of a team that has purpose and vision and one where they can see and feel the impact of their service.

There is a major problem arising for communication leaders and that is the lack of rally points for their social media and communication teams. Without camaraderie, without shared experiences with other ministry volunteers, without a sense that they’re service is making an immediate difference, the level of difficulty of constructing an effective volunteer core for communications is ever increasing

3 Problems Facing the Communications Team

  • Church communication departments controls the voice of the company, therefore the level of knowledge and expertise needed in a communication volunteer is higher.
  • Churches which react to culture rather than create culture leave themselves little room to accommodate a volunteers limited schedule. There’s just not enough lead time to effectively strategize with volunteers.
  • Communication leaders have a lack of trust or faith that there is a volunteer who can do a job of significance with excellence.

There are many more issues I could identify if I took the time, but these are the ones which come to the surface for me.

What advice would you give to a new communication director for overcoming these problems? Are there other problems a communication director should be aware of?