Two WordPress Plugins for My Editorial Calendar

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Not sure how many will be interested in this post, but finding the following two plugins was huge for my workflow productivity. Previously, I would manage my editorial calendar via Basecamp and pre-create all my social media copy in Basecamp. On the day a post went live, I would log into Basecamp, copy the content over and schedule out my posts. Not really a bad process, but I wanted everything inside wordpress.

Here are the two plugins I’ve found which helped me ditch Basecamp for these purposes. Everything is now in one place and I LOVE IT!

WordPress Editorial Calendar


This plugin adds a new sub-nav item in your posts column called “Calendar.” It has one single function and it does it well… show you all of your posts in a traditional monthly calendar. It one view I can quickly see what I have scheduled and where I may have a hole in my editorial calendar. You can download the WordPress Editorial Calendar here or search “WordPress Editorial Calendar” in your WordPress admin panel.

Peter’s Post Notes


Peter’s Post Notes adds a very simple note section to your “edit post” or “edit page” sidebar. When looking in the publish options you will see an “Add note:” option. You can type in any content  and press update or publish and your note is added to a special “Notes” sidebar item in the edit screen. So rather then entering my copy in Basecamp when pre-creating my social media posts, I can create it all right inside WordPress. This is also helpful if you share editor responsibilities and want to leave notes for other editors and authors.

You can download Peter’s Post Notes here or search for “Peter’s Post Notes” in your WordPress admin panel.

Your Plugin Recommendations

Do you have any great WordPress plugins you’ve found and would like to let others know about… share them below. Those which are relevant to the topics discussed in my blog and beneficial for this reader base I will share in an upcoming post with a link back to your website.

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