Trying Out Audio Recordings for Communication

Not everyone consumes content the same way.

For this very reason I’m turning to audio for help in boosting registration numbers for our middle school summer camp.

The Format

I have orchestrated a series of conversations to share with through our communication channels. For our first conversation I brought our associate youth pastor and worship leader (formerly our student ministry worship intern) into my office and recorded a 10 minute conversation. I shared that we would talk for no more than 10 minutes, speak naturally, have fun and don’t be afraid to talk and share.

After prepping David and Jon, I led the discussion, asking questions about their camp memories, past camp experiences, what to expect and even put camp into a greater life context.

We will record a couple subsequent conversations and, depending on how much success we experience, we will branch out into other ministries, using this medium.

The Takeaway

The overall takeaway is be willing to try something new. You may not have the capacity to record a conversation, but you can get more creative than just giving the date and time.

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    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      That’s a great question. I employ both of the following methods.

      METHOD 1
      I upload the MP3 to our amazon S3 account. The S3 link is used to power our church app, and is a download available on our website.

      METHOD 2
      I upload the MP3 to Soundcloud as well. A Soundcloud player is embedded into our web page so folks can stream directly from the page (desktop or mobile).


      As an added bonus, subsplash, our app provider, has a great social sharing feature where any media item created in the app receives a mobile/desktop version of that same media item available via internet.


      Tracking is easy on Soundcloud. I had to sign up for a logging service called qloudstat to track hits from the S3 account.

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