The You Episode

The virtue of self-care with Ahna Hendrix

This content originally ran on Church Marketing Sucks.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in the most recent season in life is that you have to take care of yourself before anything else. You’ve got to be looking out for your best interests rather than that of your employer, your family, your church or your friends… and I know that sounds backwards. We’re taught (at least those who are Christians) that we need to put ourselves last and put others first. The problem with this at it’s core is that if you don’t care for your own growth as a person and a person of faith, you will be used up and good for nothing and no one.

I am a Christian and I firmly believe that my life is not about my role in a church or a business, but my role is about embracing who God created me to be. If I make my identity about something other than who God created me to be, I will become exhausted and when that “something” is taken away, I would be left asking, “who am I?”

This episode is dedicated to self-care and finding the motivation necessary to realize our individual roles in God’s kingdom. Talking with Ahna Hendrix, an entrepreneur living in Vietnam was a privilege and I’ve learned a lot from watching her. I hope you can learn from her experiences as well!