The Power of Going Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves going behind the scenes. At a my former job I regularly took visitors on a tour of our facility. Despite portions of the tour that were less than impressive, when surveyed, participants would always rank the tour as highly enjoyable.

There’s something exciting to learning how the sausage is made.

Going behind the scenes pulls back the facade of the company. It’s essential for every organization to maintain a brand and put forward an intentional image, however you always want to maintain a level of authenticity with transparency.

Building Trust Behind the Scenes

One of my clients, a mechanic, has commissioned a series of three emails to send be sent to clients after they have their car serviced by his team.

In the first email we share a little more about the business and what clients should expect from his company. In the second email we talk about things customers can do on their own to care for their car. In the third email we talk about the value for the customer to regularly bring in their car for checkups to catch any potential issues.

I told my client that we should take pictures of what he does during each vehicle inspection and use those images to create trust between his the company and clients. Essentially we’re taking clients behind the scenes of the work that’s done on their vehicles.

How to Go Behind the Scenes

Here are a few ideas of ways you can take people behind the scenes.

Take a picture of the person who answers the phone and share that person’s name and what they do when they are not answering the phone. A Day in the EA Life of Heather Bare, a virtual assistant.

Take a picture of your warehouse or back room to show how the company cares for the products that will eventually make their way to the customer. A rare peak into the Amazon warehouse.

Show customers where your products are made or the systems by which they are made. An exclusive look inside Foxconn (where apple products are made): admittedly, this is an investigative report, but you get the idea of how to elevate interest.

Lots and Lots of Content

When you begin to contemplate going behind the scenes you may find that there is a lot of content ripe for the… uh… writing I guess. What you and I consider normal or routine others will consider interesting or intriguing. When I tell you that I am writing this from my work desk you may wonder what my office looks like. If not that, you may have wondered how I do my videos or what software I use to accomplish any given task.

I could write several articles just on the things I do every day that are routine and share them with the appropriate audience and it would be a hit. You will find that there are plenty of content ideas available to you if you just go behind the scenes.