The One Thing Every Leader Must Avoid

Don’t do life alone.

You may be stressing over an upcoming meeting and how you will gather your thoughts. Invite a friend or colleague to weigh in and help organize your thoughts.

Don’t do it alone.

You may be feeling pressure from parenting… your kids aren’t showing the progress you’d like to see and you really feel like you’re losing at parenting. Share your feelings with your spouse or a close friend. Let them share the burden.

Don’t do it alone.

The truth is, when we go in alone we lose out on the experience, gifting, blessing and encouragement that we would so greatly benefit us in whatever challenge we face.

“Collaborate with people you can learn from.” – Pharrell

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  1. Vincent M. Vigil
    Vincent M. Vigil says:

    A short and simple concept, yet hard to master. I think it is because in each one of us there is a desire to do it our way and do it by ourself.

    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      And boom goes the dynamite. I often forget that I don’t HAVE to do it by myself. I just get in that mode and then my work suffers. Do you feel like you produce your best stuff when working with a team?

      • Vincent M. Vigil
        Vincent M. Vigil says:

        I would much rather work in a collobrative setting with a team. I feel at times less gets done and it takes longer, but more is not always more and sometimes by doing less more gets done.

        I would also like to add that the dynamics of the Team is a key this equation. So I can see if people have had bad Team experiences, they would have a different perspective.

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