“When inspiration stops short of creativity and turns to imitating we rob the world of Gods unique calling for us.” @dawnnicole

Dawn Nicole Baldwin

“When inspiration stops short of creativity and turns to imitating we rob the world of Gods unique calling for us.” @dawnnicole

5 Communication Tools

Sunday Morning Announcements are held up as the holy grail of communication. Ministry leaders believe that their event will be a success if it is announced from the front on a Sunday. In the past my church has not had a communication strategy, so many events ‘slipped in’ and got a verbal announcement. Despite being […]

A Communication Job Description

It’s tough finding job descriptions for many social media positions. These positions are so new and often quickly changing that keeping up with what this position entails is difficult. The following job descriptions were compiled for 3 very important positions in my organization, which so happens to be a Christian church. The positions are for […]

Why Volunteers Quit, Part 2

Here is part 2 of Why Volunteers Quit.. After years of working with volunteers I’ve found that there are simple things you can do which will frustrate them to the point of quitting. Hopefully you haven’t experienced these. If you have, I’m sorry. If you haven’t, please learn from my mistakes. 5) Only communicate with […]

Why Volunteers Quit, Part 1

Having the right volunteer for the right job is paramount. We look for individuals who have enthusiasm for the the vision of the ministry, who have time to invest and who possess the skills to actually perform the duties required. You will come across “turn-key” volunteers who are immediately ready to run with their responsibility. […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Sunday Program

Here are 5 ways you can improve your Sunday program. Make your program visitor centered. Focus on making the visitor feel welcome and invite them into the story that God is writing through your church. Assume your visitors know nothing and use the program to help them feel a bit more at home. Stop communicating […]

Rethinking Your Sunday Program

I am responsible for our weekly program. Over the years it has had different looks with more and less text, more and less graphics. I am pretty happy with our current program given the purpose that it currently serves. Here is a breakdown of our program and how we use it. Static Information We make […]

Create a Wiki for Your Organization

Every day we experience just how fantastic it is to publish content to our websites to communicate with our church congregations. So amazing, in fact, that I would like to ask why not use the internet for communicating information to your church staff or company staff? Let’s create an organization wiki… what a novel idea. At my previous church […]

Mastering Your Email

[UPDATE 9-22-13] Just found this great article from Rich Birch with incredible tips on mastering email. Invest 40 minutes in your email this evening to reduce hours of email time this week! – http://t.co/BkF35kfpsw — richbirch (@richbirch) September 23, 2013 The send button has become a replacement for many inner office conversations as well as […]