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Social Warfare: The #1 Social Share Button Plugin for WordPress

Social Warfare is the most elegant plugin for managing your social media presence through your self-hosted WordPress website. In addition to the gorgeous appearance, there is power lurking behind curtain that puts you in control of how your social media appears online.

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Facebook Images – Creating Images for Your Facebook Posts

You do not have time to design new graphics every day. Whether you are a graphic designer or someone who just loves making graphics, taking time to create new designs for every image you need will steal precious moments away from creating truly quality content that increases your organic reach.

If you want more time to truly invest in Facebook for business create one design for all your posts and use it over and over. Listen to the SoundCloud clip to discover more on creating post images to use with Facebook for business.

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Facebook for Business – How to Increase Your Organic Reach

Facebook for business is a whole different world when compared to using Facebook for pleasure. Rather than sharing pictures or thoughts with friends and family who love you and are interested in you, you battle to have your content even seen by others on Facebook – much less actually gain engagement.

In this post you’ll discover how Facebook reach works in concept and how to steadily increase your organic reach over time along with several tips that you can implement immediately.

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Custom Short URL – Creating Your Own Branded Short URL

URL shorteners take ugly links and make them short and pretty. You’ve seen,, and other popular URL shorteners and you’ve probably seen individuals on social media using short URLs branded for them.

This step-by-step post will demonstrate how you can setup your very own custom short url for the cost of one domain address. When you’re done you will have the same powerful brand tool representing every post you share online just like the big bloggers and major tech companies use for themselves.

Shortcomings of Edgar and Thoughts on CoSchedule

In this conversation between myself and Ryan Bilello we talk about several social media scheduling tools including Edgar, Buffer and CoSchedule. Discover the functionality, benefits and shortcomings of Edgar and how it compares to Buffer. Our conversation also dives into CoSchedule, which is a WordPress plugin with corresponding monthly service for scheduling social media, analytic curation as well as other features.

The Two Higest Value Online Video Recording Tools for Entrepreneurs

You want to start a podcast and need to figure out how to record the conversation. Or, maybe you’re beginning to conduct client calls over the internet and want to record the entire call to use for reference later. Maybe you’re launching a training course and you want to record the initial training calls to […]

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Charging What You Are Worth and Be Willing to Say No

You feel the frustration of wanting to land the client but also needing to earn income. If you say yes to one client who expects you to lower your rates, you are ultimately saying no to another client – understand how to get through this battle every entrepreneur encounters and build a business that will be sustainable over time.

Maximizing the Reach of Your Website Homepage and Visitor Response

Your website is often relegated from communication resource to dumping ground for information you think is important or content you are excited about. This problem arises when you do not contemplate what eyes are looking at your website.

Your website audience is different than your social media audience and your social media audience is different than your email audience. However, even identifying eyes is not enough. There is one more step you need to take into consideration.

When You Don’t Have Any Clients Yet

Unless you started your business with clients already in the can and ready to go you’re going to have to hit the pavement trying to make sales. Lack of movement is like kryptonite for an the entrepreneur. You and I, we thrive on results, action – getting our hands dirty and seeing something come from nothing.