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A Practical Way to Use a Communication Volunteer

We often have a hard time assimilating volunteers onto a church communication team for one of several reasons:

  1. They need to be present in the office in order to accomplish the task
  2. They need to have specialized skills to run particular softwares
  3. They need to have time to dedicate to thinking on a plain beyond checking off to-dos
  4. They need to possess a discernment that cannot be taught

There are more, but I’ve found my main issues tend to be related to one of these. However, there is one way I have chosen to incorporate my volunteers which saves me hours a month and is not simply filing or accomplishing menial tasks.

Watch the video for a practical way you can begin using volunteers in your church communication department.

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A Thank You Gives More Than It Takes

A Thank You Give More Than It Takes

I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to be thanked for something they had done. I have met plenty of folks who want to avoid the spotlight. They just don’t want any additional attention to come to their way but even in those situations, they’ll typically say something like, “a simple ‘thank you’ will do.”

Let’s take a moment to write down all our excuses why we don’t say “thank you.”

A Thank You that Communicates “WOW”

A few months ago I wanted to come up with a simple way to say “thanks!” to my design volunteers. As a designer, I understand there’s a certain thrill that comes with holding that finished piece in your hands (and smelling the fresh ink, of course). So why not create that experience for my design […]

Recruit Volunteers Who Want to Change the World

When recruiting volunteers it’s essential to tell them how their contributions will change the world. It’s not a fabrication in the least. Each role inside a church is huge and each role outside a church is huge. God can use the smallest of details to transform someone’s life in a large way. “For just as […]

3 Problems when Building a Communication Team

Event driven ministry provides nearly all church teams a common gathering place or a “rally point” as I like to call it. During these events (Sunday Services, Wednesday youth events, etc.) a leader can inspire, encourage and cast the big picture to the rest of their team. Volunteers love being a part of a team […]

A Communication Job Description

It’s tough finding job descriptions for many social media positions. These positions are so new and often quickly changing that keeping up with what this position entails is difficult. The following job descriptions were compiled for 3 very important positions in my organization, which so happens to be a Christian church. The positions are for […]

Why Volunteers Quit, Part 2

Here is part 2 of Why Volunteers Quit.. After years of working with volunteers I’ve found that there are simple things you can do which will frustrate them to the point of quitting. Hopefully you haven’t experienced these. If you have, I’m sorry. If you haven’t, please learn from my mistakes. 5) Only communicate with […]

Why Volunteers Quit, Part 1

Having the right volunteer for the right job is paramount. We look for individuals who have enthusiasm for the the vision of the ministry, who have time to invest and who possess the skills to actually perform the duties required. You will come across “turn-key” volunteers who are immediately ready to run with their responsibility. […]