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The Value of Twitter with Brady Shearer

Brady Shearer is an entrepreneur who runs a multi-media business, has a podcast and has launched a new product called the Church Graphics Handbook. What is the value of Twitter to someone like Brady? I asked him that question and he was straight up with his answer. Check it out!

Followers and Following | Who Should I Follow on Twitter?

Too often we get caught up in the margins of whatever it is we’re going after. On GIANT social media margin is the question, “who should I follow on Twitter?” Another one, and closely related too, is,” I don’t have very many followers so it’s not worth it.”

We are naturally attracted to folks who share similar interests and have complimentary personalities and in the same way it takes time in real life to find these people, it takes time on Twitter… except real life doesn’t have something called a search tool! Likewise, we naturally attract these same folks to ourselves.

So what’s the key to making this happen on Twitter?

Thankful | How I Started My Podcast, Thanks Chuck


It’s been a year since the conversation that helped me launch the Church Marketing Podcast. It’s amazing how one moment can impact so many others, but I have to say that it happens and it’s powerful.

One call from Chuck Scoggins and that moment changed all my other moments. Guess way, you have a moment waiting for you.

Discover How Twitter Works

How Twitter Works | Guide to Twitter

Today I am launching a guide to Twitter that has taken me three months to develop. It’s all worth it though. I’m a dreamer and it’s hard to find other dreamers. Most of us have the dreams ripped out of our hearts at a young age. Twitter has inspired me to dream again because I’ve found other dreamers who weren’t ready to give up.

Are you a dreamer who refuses to give up?

What Is Twitter?


Twitter is not Facebook and that is one of the largest objections I hear to the platform. “It’s not as easy as Facebook.” I totally get that. After my initial Twitter experience, I decided not to “waste time” with another social media network. Instead I focused all my social media time on Facebook. I maintained this position until I was invited to stay in touch through Twitter with someone I definitely wanted to stay in touch with.