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6 Sources for Free or Inexpensive Stock Photography

Here are 6 sources great for free or inexpensive quality stock photography that you can use for your blog, social media campaigns, print or even your website.

Google URL Builder – How to Use the Google Link Tool

Don’t be intimidated by Google URL Builder. Or maybe, perhaps you don’t even know what Google URL Builder is. Essentially, I’m going to show you how to get much better tracking statistics on where people are coming to your site from and what they are doing when they arrive.

How to Take Photos and Make Them Look Professional

In all our communication I use real photos WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Stock photos are expensive and do not represent your organization accurately but taking real pictures can be tough because unless you’re a professional photographer, quality can suffer. I have discovered a way to avoid stock photos and bridge the gap between my photo skills and that of a photographer. It’s easier than you might think.

Top Posts from 2013


It’s that time of the year… everyone’s sharing their “top content” and I decided to jump on that very same bandwagon. If you’ve been following a long with me from the beginning, this week may feel like watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on rerun. If you’ve only started tuning in the last several weeks, here’s some of what was featured earlier this year.

Christmas Resources


In the spirit of Christmas I’m giving away three images with two configurations each. You can use these for all sorts of purposes as Christmas approaches. Feel free to tweak them however you wish and share them with whomever you’d like… as long as you’re not selling them.

Phonto App Review | The Perfect App for Pictures


It seems impossible to find an app that, without compromise, allows me to add text to a photo on my iPhone. I previously had mentioned using FrameUrLife as one that has a lot of promise. I still love the app, but wanted to keep looking to see if there was something more suited for me. It bugs me that Instagram and Facebook could possibly use my images without my knowledge so I like to add a watermark to each image before I upload them. It’s a silly rebellion but I find it enjoyable.

3 Free Halloween Stock Photos

Halloween Stock Images

I’ve got 3 Halloween themed stock photos that I’m giving away for you to use however you’d like. The only stipulation is that you may not sell the images or claim them as your own creation. That said, use them for your organization, your blog, your website… pretty much anywhere you’d like!

Two WordPress Plugins for My Editorial Calendar

Not sure how many will be interested in this post, but finding the following two plugins was huge for my workflow productivity. Previously, I would manage my editorial calendar via Basecamp and pre-create all my social media copy in Basecamp. On the day a post went live, I would log into Basecamp, copy the content […]